Thursday, April 24, 2014


Things happening in my Friends lives right now: 

- one is adopting
- one just lost her Mother to cancer
- one is traveling like crazy with free flight benefits for the year
- one is settling into a new home... I got to help him purchase
- one is remolding and sharing her husband with the Army
- one is newly dating and pretty sure he is "the one"
- one is dealing with heartbreak and leaning to move on... again
- one just learned their brother and only family that is here is moving to a different city than her 
- one is bursting with excitement for the first grand baby/ niece in the family 

Life is a crazy, wondrous adventure. Lots of change running through everyone. So grateful who Laura who came to earth just knowing that everything will work out.... she's right. She is slowly teaching me to trust that. 

There are lots of exciting new chapters ahead and I'm confident that it will all work out in the end. I hate the ending of things like the end of 6th grade or end of high school when a chapter closes. I get sad because of how great it was for me. With current changes circling for me I'm happy/sad because of how great its been for me. I'm exciting for the freedom and the growth that will come the people I love the most. Grateful for the overwhelming peace.