Thursday, November 15, 2007


So I'm prettty much praying this one does come true! Cosmo magazine a very reliable souce says, "Not many people could score a smokin' new job and a boyfriends over the holidays, but you're the exception. Lucky! You don't have to do anything but open up when oppertunity knocks." Yesterday mom called and told me that Jeff at Trophy homes called her asking for my number becasue they are hiring... life is sweet! Now for the boyfriend part!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ice Skating

Last night we went Ice skating for FHE. It was so fun. We asked a real Ice Skater how to spin and we all got pretty good. It is amazing how gracefull they can look- we weren't looking very graceful! Joe and Brett came back from the Nascar race and brought us all shirts. Today we had some of what I think will be the first rounds of layoffs... Sales is safe becasue if we don't sell we don't cost the company any money. I sure wish we we're selling more!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Sumo

This is just one of the many nights Brett took us all to dinner- thanks Brett! We went and had Vegas rolls- YUM!!!!! Brett's nieces where in town so he was showing them a good time. The other girls are Emily and Chelsea my 2 roomates


We'll its been a good time... Mom was gracious enough to let us come over and make caramel apples last night at hang out at the house. We had a great time. Scott got to know Sam and he thinks Sam is hilarious- witch is true. They all are only getting funnier as they get older. The pics are from our ward FHE - we did a trunk or treat extravaganza in the parking lot and Dinner in a pumpkin. We had a blast! Our favorite Nebraska boys and Joe are so funny- they love Nascar and are geting us girls into it. We had about 30ish kids over for dinner on Tuesday night. It was really fun to reconnect with so many old friends. The cowboy (my friend Dave) made those Chaps this summer- YE HAW! It's been a fun several days.