Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy 25th Birthday to me

It was a great birthday. This year we kept it pretty chill. The family took me to Carabbas for dinner... can you say yum!!! everything on the grill is out of this world delicious. The next night I went and got Sushi with Dane and April. I'm excited for this next year! Great things are coming my way

Sunday, February 21, 2010

After Party

We sang karaoke for a few hours after everyone left the V-day dinner. We had a blast singing through all the old favorites.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New job

I now work for a SEO (search engine optimization) company called Today was day 2... if every day is half as good as the first 2 days have been I'm gonna love it. They like me :) & more impressively I like them. They work hard and get things done while having fun. They have a great product that will really help small/ medium companies. It's fun to be in a place with such great synergy.

Side thought... I wish sometimes we could just fix things and heal hearts for friends that are hurting. I guess that's part of the plan is to deal with our own consequences and hopefully learn. I'm just got good at being patient for myself or others. Gotta work on that.

Monday, February 15, 2010

I Love Valentine's

Casey... kissin my face ;)

Ashley, Janessa, Dane, Deb, Justin, Me
roommates.... April, Ky, Rachelle, & Me

Breanne- Great friend from high school... look how magical those candle's are
Another Roommate pic... Rachelle isn't really a roommate but is here enough we've happily adopted you in

I love love. Romantic, platonic.... all of it! And Valentine's is one of my favorite holidays. People who don't celebrate makes me sad. As you can see we had a blast! The food was pretty amazing. The highlight of the meal was Spencer's homemade Alfredo... that kid can cook! He won the competition at his school last week. And the chocolate Strawberries (thanks mom for finding and buying them) we even hid them till most people had left so that the people who stayed could have more of them :) I got kissed by a few boys last night and wasn't sad about it. The kid pictured is Casey, he is the nicest boy ever and should marry my friend who will not be named but that also attended the party. Kylee brought this awesome love bingo game and we gave away the gifts she got from teaching. All you need is great people and food and there is always a good time- it was all friends from my ward and we just love each other. It's wonderful to have so many people as a support system. I felt so loved. After everyone left there was an after party... details on that will come on the next post :) check Facebook for more pics... so many good times.

Valentine's Day Party Decor

I'll post pics later of the people at are party... but there not on my camera. Needless to say it was magical.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

greatful to be single

Over the last few days I've reflected on everything that I've learned in the last few years of my single life. Here are a few highlights:

- life always works out
- How to be happy even when life situations aren't ideal
- Its always better to be tolerant & loving than judgmental

These are all things that I'm glad I learned while I am single.

Monday, February 8, 2010


2 weeks ago I got to go and help judge a regional FFA competition. I loved it! Maybe I should go into Ag... kinda thinking about it. Crazy I know. Today I was asked to go to the State FFA conference because the real Ag teacher (Danny who I share my classroom with) wife is being induced on the first day of the conference. So I'll get to go play grown up to these cute girls along with a bunch of other kids. Can't wait for March 11-13!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kara's Married

Another roommate bit the dust. She was a great roommate, a beautiful bride & will definitely be missed. There were 3 highlights of the reception all of them had to do with Dane.

First was when my old roommate Mindy asked "who lives with you now?" and Dane responded "You didn't hear I moved in, we share a room... actually we share a bed!" I laughed real hard I don't know if she thought it was as funny as I did but its a new running joke.

The second was when Dane literally licked his plate.... as kind of shown in picture

Third was right when we walked in of the dad's was saying a few words and Dane leaned up against the wall and his butt turned off the light... Also a new running joke.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Camilla my Trainer

Camilla is the Woman!!! She is from Brazil and has a darling accent. I love, love, love her. Even though the weight is coming off slower than I hoped we measured and 10.5 inches are off my body forever :) Building muscle right? Mom is starting to come with me a few times a week.... ask her how its going. Camilla pushed maybe a little hard on mom's first day and she is just a little sore. My love affair with the gym is back in full swing

Friday, February 5, 2010

Communal... A Resturant Review

Last night I went to Communal with a great group of people! It is only a block south of my home and it was delicious! It is by reservation only so don't forget to call first :) It was opened by the same people who did pizzeria 712. I had Brussel sprouts for the first time but defiantly not the last! They stay seasonal and only use local product. It is a bit pricy but the expierence is worth it. The crisp linen, the chefs interacting and right there and the whole feel of the place makes you planning your next trip from the moment you walk in the door. Thanks Joanna for making the reservation and getting us there!