Sunday, August 21, 2011

my friends

are amazing! I'm so glad to go through life with people who are so supportive and love me. Single world can get lonely sometimes but in our circle of friends I'm constantly amazed how supportive everyone is. This week I had friends bring me ice cream and mexican coke in bottles when I had a real bad boy day. These are the type of friends eveyone needs and I hope everyone is lucky enough to have.

It's Kylee bithday today. Its been a really fun weekend. I love her! If you see facebook, my blog, or ever see me you know that we have more than our fair share of fun together. Life is always good when your with her. She is amazing. Boys are idiots... just sayin. Rachelle made her this rad dvd of people saying happy birthday and pics of the year. It made me so glad that all these people are in my life... we love each other.

I was reminded today that even though life isn't perfect I have what's most important in life. I have incredable relationships.

So what I'm sayin is I'm the luckiest girl!

Friday, August 19, 2011


I didn't get the other job I really, REALLY, really wanted.

This is the response I got:

It was very nice to meet with you yesterday and discuss the _____ opportunity at ____. I was extremely impressed with your personality and qualifications. I think that you would do a great job in this position. It was extremely difficult to make a decision between you and one of the other candidates. Unfortunately, we have decided to offer this position to a candidate that has been involved with _____ for four years as a volunteer trip leader.

I wish I had another position to offer you but I will keep your resume on file and should another position become available I will contact you.

SO now what? I feel so discouraged and don't know where to look. I would really like to be able to pay my bills and move back into my condo. As for the last few hours I feel like a failure at life.

The funny thing is I know I'm not a failure. I know that there is probably because a better path, one that will be better for me and that I will love more. I would sure appreciate it presenting itself.... soon. Maybe even tonight? Why Yes I do like control. So universe here is what I want:

- A company that I believe in what they are doing
- Something that I love: work with teenagers, travel, events, or training
- It supports me generously and allows me to save for the future

I'd really appreciate feeling like I'm in control of something and a job.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

a date

so tonight I went on a date. A real one where the boy called a week in advance, asked me to reserve Saturday evening. Called me in the middle of the week to solidify the plans, picked me up, payed for it, planned it and the only thing I had to do was be at my house when he picked me up. That part was refreshing.

He was really nice and easy to talk and we had fun. I was myself and felt very comfortable.

Problem: I love a different boy. A boy that consumes my thoughts and time often. I was trying very hard to stay in the moment and really give this date boy a chance. then he took me to this place that the reminded me of the boy I love. And all I wanted to do was be with the boy I love.

Dating and love is so tricky. the end

Thursday, August 4, 2011

job situation

I have done an amazing job at enjoying my summer while job hunting and having faith that the right thing will come alone until.... Tuesday.

I broke down. I felt the stress fall into place realizing that I'm almost out of money and options. So... I wrote a bunch of cover letter and applied for more stuff. I just feel like at 26 when you have an MBA you should be able to at least get an entry level job somewhere right? And maybe even one you like?

Someone please send me the job fairies who gives me something I will enjoy and cover my life expenses.