Thursday, April 26, 2012

Eating this

You know life is good when its filled with food like this! What is even more impressive is the people I've been eating this with. I wish I had pictures of them... gonna get on that. You know when you feel like life is great. I'm had a few dream like days this past week. It started Last Thursday with a goodbye get together for dazzling Miss Lauren Casper. She is embarking on a new adventure in Washington DC. She is already missed but we're thrilled and excited for her. Saturday I spent the day at my parents pool.... DIVINE! Ky, Casey and Dane joined me and we played with cousins, uncles, parents and grandpa. We all browned up nicely and I was living the dream. I love when I can just relax and truly enjoy every minute soaking up the Sun. Its hard not to fall in love with you guy friends when there playing with children so I give up... I'm in love ;) Then we cleaned up and went downtown to The Dodo. If you haven't eaten there... GO! and get the Banana Cream Cheese Pie, it'll change you life. Last night Robert threw a dinner party. That kid knows how to cook! Just look at the flank stake with those crazy veggies (I wish I remembered what they were called- I was leery but they were delicious!) He is my kind of people. He is able to combine different types of people and somehow we all get together and have a great time. All the food was to dye for. I love my life and I love my friends.