Sunday, January 30, 2011

You don't need a lover to have love in your life

One of my favorite quotes for this single part of life.

(please excuse my allergy eyes and face... )

I was reminded of this tonight as there were 4 of us in a car driving around- several of us heartbroken and the rest of us heartbroken for the ones that were heartbroken. We love each other. The other 3 girls are some of the most amazing, optimistic, bright, lovely people I know. They just simply deserved to be loved my good men. As I was wishing for them I was reminded that we have each other. Through tears spurred on my heart wrenching music I was so happy to have this girls and so many other people that I love and that love me back. I was also thrilled when I realized that I'm totally and completely, 110% over all the boys I've ever thought I was in love with. I was more sad that the girls were sad than over any boy. HALLELUJAH!!!!

Here's to moving on:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

schedualing taking a shower

Do you ever have weeks that you have to schedule real showers- ones where you wash your hair and shave your armpits. Its been one of those weeks- I just took my scheduled shower and it felt like heaven!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 2 in Denver

We started the day at the natural history museum... COOL!!! I could have stayed all day and was sad I didn't have more time. The highlight was the space section... I learned all about stars (remember how I got my only "C" ever in astronomy) I learned more in 45 minutes than I did in an entire semester in college. I love to learn cool stuff like it takes billions of years for a star to die and bigger stars die faster then little stars.

Next we went to the Denver Mint and saw how our coins are made. I am a money magnet! Money comes to me because we're like magnets (got my first check from AAA today :)It was rad did you know it costs 1.7 cents to produce a penny and 9 cents to produce a nickle. There is a bill in congress to change the metal to steel so that the coins are cheaper to produce. They gave us all 2 pennies- one stamped and one blank.

After that we went to the second rodeo and believe me- I don't mind being there:) Something about tight jeans, hats, chaps, carhart jackets that does my heart good. Man, they are attractive! BUT.... they're stupid. Who in there right mind almost gets killed every time they do there "sport" At strawberry days I feel like the cowboys are pretty safe. Here I felt like every one was going to get killed in front of me. One guy gets stepped on my a bull and painfully limbs slowly out the area instead of having someone help him- prideful, stupid men! So I was told I need a county man but not a cowboy. I felt like a city slicker.

Love my kids, and so happy to be home :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Vegas: April's Birthday Bash weekend

A few more pics worth posting from Vegas. What a fun trip!

FFA trip so far

I got up at 6 am, worked out, showered and loaded the bus at 7:45 am. I got the kids tucked in around 11- I'm exhausted but need some wind down time so here I am blogging. I wish I ran the show... we are all tired and its ineffective. Yesterday we spent the entire day on the bus I mean 13 hours.... yuck! Today we ran and tomorrow we're going to run again. I need downtime- "this just isn't working for me phrase" doesn't work here.

On a much better note my students are perfect! They have been nothing but a delight and they don't complain. For example: for breakfast we went to McDonalds- all 150 of us. My kids suggested that we go sit down and wait till everyone else got there food then we could get in line. so we did and then we did it again at lunch. They are offering to pay for each others food and want to make sure everyone is taken care of. I feel like I'm the only one throwing a fit internally.

We started our day at the Pro Rodeo Museum where someone else got a hold of the camera and took all these pics of me. From there we went to the Bass pro shop, then the stock show (really an indoor fair) and then the rodeo. The rodeo was amazing! More on that later.

Night from a tired teacher- tomorrow will be better after some sleep :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This is what I was wearing when....

First lets just talk about how this slammin dress cost me $2.49 at Ross... that's right people for less than I meal I rocked Vegas.

We went dancing at Pure (the club at Caesars Palace) and it just happened to be Ray Jay's birthday (Brandy- yes, from the 90s, is his sister). He threw his bash there and we went kinda on accident. The next thing you know he has a mic in his hand and he's rapping to his stuff and then our man Snoop Dog comes out and gives up some love. Then a scene straight from a movie happens but it was real life. They threw out dollar bills in stacks and made it "rain". Only in Vegas... I'm good at it.

$2600 of love

AAA (my insurance company) Called to tell me my car is totaled and they're going to write me a $2600 check. Thank you AAA!!!!! Miracles happen everyday in my world. So on to Car shopping!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Love & Tears

Its been 2 days chucked full of love.

so I get in this car accident and it was bad, like I ugly cried for an hour and a half and couldn't stop. I tried but my body just needed the release. The accident was my fault... ran a red light on my way to school(so weird fully alert, not on my phone or distracted). The girl I hit airbag deployed and she was an emotional mess as she should have been. Luckily I held it together for the first 5 minutes after the crash. I went and checked on her, called the cops. The cops got there- I got in my car and fell apart. My leg was shaking (more like convulsing- up and down off the ground) and the tears came! I called the school (Danny- the guy I teach and advise FFA with) to tell them to get a sub- he was great and nice when normally he would've mocked and don't worry he has since (that's why I love him). Then I called dad while he was on his way they handed me some paperwork to fill out. He got there and they took me to the ambulance (I was fine... a little whip-lashed neck that is recovering nicely). Dad was perfect and took care of me and as soon as I got home my came and hugged me she not knowing what had happened at that point. The cops and ambulance guys were amazing and don't quite know what to do with a girl who is heaving and snorting as she sobs. Finally I got a grip and went to take a nap. Before I did I posted on facebook that I had been in an accident and was so greatful to have been kept safe and that my parents took care of me. I was flooded with well wishes, phone calls and text everyone concerned and telling me that they were glad I was okay. I got this text that made me a little teary:

You, my fine friend, are my favorite. And I'm so glad to have you. you have filled my life regularly with smiles and laughter that would not have otherwise been there. I'm glad you are okay. I love you friend.

I was filled with comfort and love and the well wishes have still been pouring in tonight.

Then I watched opera... Jenny something was on and she said: "You don't have to have a lover to have love in your life." Sometime I think I forget that but I am pretty much constantly surrounded by love.

Next tonight I had these incredible men help me with my accounting homework and what I have been trying to get for over 20 hrs I got in 30 minutes. They are incredible and maybe the nicest boys ever... like ever. I wish they were my type but they're not- anyone want to be set up?

Later on tonight I met with a my Stake President. He is a man of God. The spirit was so strong and after I got in my car I was overwhelmed with how much my Heavenly Father loves me. I happy cried a good portion of the way home feeling so blessed to have so much love in my life that some of it has to come of my body in tears because its running over.

Point is: I'm loved. I love you and so does God.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It could happen

Facebook Status January 1st 2011:

So exited for 2011!!!!! Gonna get married, get toned, an MBA, Travel like crazy and get hired to teach full time in the fall @lone peak and have my personal best real estate year ever... too much? Nah

Here's to dreamin big but really believing in it. I can do ANYTHING! even accounting :)

Grad School

I'm pretty luck that school has never been real hard for me.I have never needed to "win" by having the highest grade or be that person at the top of the class so I learn what I want to, do the assignments to get at least a B and then happily move on. If I loved the topic or the assignment I would study more and do a better job.

THEN..... ACCOUNTING came into my world. So far I've had to spend a lot more time figuring out how at least 3 different spread sheets are suppose to tell me how a business is running. Its kinda interesting but it taking WAY to long to learn. I need someone to spoon feed me the info and help me on this journey. One day I'll have an MBA.... One day this year. I know that's not to far but today, like right now is seems like forever. Back to the books!