Friday, March 18, 2011

Change? Teaching and education system

So most of you know I've been working on getting my MBA so I can apply for the ARL (alternative route to getting Licensed). I just want to teach so bad it hurts. I feel frustrated that its so hard to find a job teaching when there are so many people in the system who don't teach and don't want to be here. Do you know there is a class with 5 students and a class with 8 students at Lone Peak... cause there is. Did you know that my classes are full and I could easily fill another class. just sayin.....

I'm feeling like to be smart I should look at other options while applying everywhere and hoping that I find a 1/2 time position in Business. I know that whatever end up happening next will be great but I'm feeling scared and nervous.

Pray hard something wonderful happens. Here is what I really want so universe- provide!

1/2 time position in Ag 1/2 time in Business preferably both at lone peak. If not then 1/2 at Lone peak and 1/2 at another school in Alpine school district.

no use in sitting in worry, gonna get to work!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Big or Little spoon?

How can you go wrong really. While I prefer to eat all food with the little spoon sometime I like to Big spoon. Sometimes I really like it when boys tell me they'll be my little spoon anytime I want :)

P.S. Its St. Patrick's Day tomorrow- Kiss me I'm single and Irish!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


has looked this, this week. Someone, anyone! Please come tie me to a chair and my computer so that I can graduate.

the girl in desperate need of motivation