Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 has come to an end

What a fun year! This is a record mostly for me but feel free to read. Here are some highlights:

- Vegas 2 this spring- 2 weekends in a row :)
- July I started working on an MBA at Western Governors University
- Trip to Standford with B in August
- Started teaching for my second year
- Real estate back in my life
- Joshy came home
- moved back home to help pay for Grad School (lets get real... if your family was my family why wouldn't you live at home)
- I might have a gluten allergy ( still in denial(: )
- Crazy trip to Boise to meet a boy... didn't work out
- Started to co-advise FFA
- Wendover...neuf said
- Masquerade & Christmas Benefit Ball
- Lot of Men who I thought I loved.... for at least 3 days :) but made an impact: T,B,D,B,D,D... Have a thing with boys who's name start with B's and D's apparently
- Valentines Party
- Jobless Summer (that was fun! Lets do it again)

Some things I have learned:

- Boundaries can be a great thing. I'm working on setting them:)
- How to happily move on
- That I need and love my alone time- and that's okay
- Nothing in the world is better then my family
- Dreams come true: Pool, Grad school
- How to bounce back from mistakes and learn from them
- How to Love better
- I feel better when I make healthy decisions
- Aligning my head and heart about spirituality

Sunday, December 26, 2010


We went and saw True Grit then went to my personal favorite, Carabbas for dinner- YUM! After we came home and played rook... Spencer and I won... holla! Around 1am we opened presents and Santa did GOOD! Loved the low key no cooking, no cleaning Christmas!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cowboy Chrsitmas

Saturday night we went to see our drummer friend Brandon play in his Country band, Charley Jenkins. Man can that kid drum!Before we hit up the show we grabbed some sushi at my new favorite place Naked Fish in SLC. We know how to play ;)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Class today

Melissa from Blossom Sweet came to class today- lucky us!!! She taught us lots of very cool stuff and is even doing a giveaway for my students. She's maybe the raddest ever! She also brought them all a copy of Utah Valley Bride. I caught several students getting in trouble for looking at the magazine in other classes....She left them happy, happy students! What girl doesn't love dreaming about her big day. Click below and check out her mad skills(caution: you may be blown away and have the need to through an event). Hopefully one day she'll do my wedding!

Blossom Sweet Blog

Sunday, November 28, 2010

ice hockey

Last night on of my favorite people on the planet- Laura Hurst (beautifully pictured at the top) invited me to go watch a friend's hockey game. The Hockey was fun and fight filled! My most favorite part was catching up. We haven't seen much of each other since I moved back home and she moved out of the building where I used to live. Man it was great to see her! We giggled about boys, caught up on lives joys and disappointments and went shopping- she NEEDED a new outfit. It happens sometimes in a girls life, it just does! I love, love, love her! I'm a lucky girl to have so many incredible, fun friends!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My deal with God

So I had a change of heart this week. This is how is started:

Either stifle my feelings or provide (a man). I was serious! Mostly my heart aches for the companionship and for somebody who will always have my back and kissing my face is a defiant bonus.

Then it turned into just have faith... eventually "HE" will come, right?

The best part is that I have been perfectly taken care of. The latest crush (the one I've been giggling about) and I have spent some time together and have talked almost every day this last week. I'm pretty sure its more of a friend thing (Hopefully with time I'll change his mind!) but its been perfect and just what I've needed. Here are a few things I've love about him so far: He looks GOOD in a baseball hat(always had a thing about those), we make each other better and check in with each other about our goals and dreams, he's incredible with people and loves the Savior. I have a new resolve to not settle and that alone is worth knowing him.

Then today my students older brother came in (in a baseball hat)to check him out of school- He was beautiful, a pre-dental student and was checking me out maybe even harder than I was checking him out. Is it okay to ask my student about him? Cause he's invited!

Point is: I'm loved and taken care of even better than I could plan it

Monday, November 15, 2010

greatful for

Great video... you should watch it. Here is my list today:
- Josh, Mom, Dad, Spencer are home in 2 days!!!
- Crush who probably isn't into me but still inspires me
- Michael
- Sam
- Real Estate
- Having old friends back
- Amazing massages
- Health
- Sleep
- Soup
- NyQuil
- Tissues with Aloe


Sunday, November 14, 2010

concert pics

And there you have it... 2 beautiful girls in boots!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We got spirit!

We sold over 1000 football tickets to the semi-final football game so school is out at 9:20 am tomorrow so everyone can go.... GO KNIGHTS!!!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lady Antebellum

This is David Nail... He is new and delicious country food! He is a little soul, a little Gospel choir and a lot country. I fell in love and how could you not with that face? Look him up- he's gonna be HUGE!

They were amazing live! They are killing the radio waves for a reason. Pics of me and Abby to follow in our boots :)

Monday, November 1, 2010


You know when your 13 and every time you even think about the boy you're crushing on you start giggling and smiling uncontrollably? What should I do with myself when I'm 25 and giggling and blushing like its my first crush?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Masquarade Ball

was amazing!!! I'm too tired to tell you all about it but here are a few pics. Below is the slide show of all 445 pictures if you want to see them all. These are just the beginning- more peoples pics to come :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Arrangments

Look at what we did in class... darling!!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


- new phone
- 2 houses under contract
- 2 more new clients
- killer party to look forward to
- A cute boy who comes to talk to me
- school progressing
- amazing, fun, delightful students
- 12 lbs lost

Friday, October 15, 2010

stole this :)

So I stole this pic from this incredible blog- check her out! It rings true after 1 week being perfectly gluten free and not eating much in hopes of feeling and looking wonderful (and right now I do). I will happily report that weight is dropping and I feel pretty darn good. Pray that I keep it up and check up on me so that I do :)

heart you people! -Meg

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oct 28th

is gonna be good, good night. I'm excited to say the least. Invites will soon go out with a wax seal. Magical its true. If you're single and want an invite let me know. Here are a few pics I'm loving for inspiration

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The romantic seaosn

I'm ready for it - the weather, the boots, the sweaters, the crispy crunch of leaves under my feet when I run, everything pumpkin. Fall is a romantic season to me... I can't pin point it but it just is.

Speaking of love there is this boy (the same one who introduced himself to me several weeks ago but we never see each other). He came and sat next to me and we chatted about life. He's invited. He paid me a sweet compliment in frout of the table of people we were sitting with that made me blush. Wanna know the first thing I noticed about him... his lips. The first time I've ever noticed lips- they're alluring. just sayin! One day, maybe.

Monday, September 27, 2010

crying in target

I went to target today and as I behind a girl who was buying the following:

Tampons (for some reason these are hard to miss)

I was there in my own world not thinking anything of it. She gets up to pay and the nice older guy checker asked her how her day was and she said fine. He said no it looks like its been a crappy day, has it been a crappy day? And she started to cry. For some reason it was comfortable. He asked if it was a boy and she shook her head yes while he comforted her with simple words and we laughed and talked about how it will get better. It was weird and great! It honestly wasn't the least bit awkward. It made me want to be friends both with her and the random nice old guy.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Leather Satchels and Friendship

Tonight I hung out with a pair of best friends who both own leather satchels. I want one. One that will fit my laptop. One that I can love and wear out and carry things like books and paper in cause I'm gonna teach forever.

That was just the side note. On to friendship. This pair of best friends has a lovely relationship. One where they know each others secrets and could finish each others sentences and yet they never have enough time to talk about everything they want to. They love being together. I miss and crave that kind of friendship! I have been lucky enough to have that kind of a friendship several times- its wonderful when you have that kind of a friend. I miss it. To old friends: I love you! Thanks for being a part of my life and shaping who I am today. To my future best friend(preferably male): Please come quick... my heart aches for you. I have life I need to talk out with you, secrets to share and lots of love to give.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

chopped my hair

Sam said "its okay Meg, you still have a good personality" needless to say the men in my family hate it. It's giving me a complex. I liked it until then. O well... it can grow and its not that ugly right?

Challenge Day

I had a life changing experience at Challenge Day. I am a second year teacher, and it was my first time to participate. The students arrived through a tunnel of faculty and parents cheering them on. They didn’t know they were stepping into an emotionally charged day they will never forget.

We played games that helped us recognize how many similarities all of us have. We moved back and forth between activities and talking about being “real.” We talked about how people identify us compares to an iceberg. The above the water part (our image and how we’re perceived) being only 10% of who we really are. Then they broke us up into small groups (5-6 people) and each person answered the phrase “if you really knew me…” for 2 minutes. I was amazed at the depth of these students and what they had been through. It gave the students a safe place to talk about the underwater “real” things they would normally not talk about. We supported and celebrated each person as they finished talking about who they really are. I was overwhelmed by the things these students have gone through. They have experienced parents with drug addictions, deep depression with attempts at suicide, not feeling safe or loved at home, extreme pressure to succeed, death for parents, family member and friends and deep feelings of inadequacy.

I was amazed as the day continued and they opened their hearts and arms to each other. We ate lunch together in our new small group families. At this point we felt like a family, we knew some of the real feelings and circumstances of each other’s lives. We couldn’t help but love each other after sharing some of the intimate feelings of our lives.

When we came back from lunch we did the “across the line” activity that required everyone to be completely quiet for twenty five minutes. Asking 100 + teenagers to be quiet for that long and then for it to actually happen was powerful. The facilitator asked questions like: “Who has experienced ___ in their life?” Then those that crossed the line and turned back to face the group hadn’t had that challenge in their life. Those on the side who hadn’t experienced it sent them love by holding up the sign language sign for “I Love You.” Connections were made and breakthroughs were occurring..

We finished and spent the rest of the day processing what we had learned. I watched as a popular “jock” made a public apology to another student in the room. I watched in awe as a girl shared, “I’m not going to sulk anymore. I’m going to make friends this year. I’m going to be the change.” I watched new friends with their arms around each other in love and support throughout the day as emotions were high. I teared up with overwhelming feelings of love for these students challenging each other to be the change. Some of the challenges put forth were as simple as to say hi to each other in the hall. Another student challenged them to accept and love themselves.

I won’t forget the courage and bravery they displayed ad to share and open up to each other. My only wish was that more students would get to participate. No doubt about it, there will be more love, more acceptance, and more friendship in the halls of Lone Peak High School this year not only from the students but also from the newly opened eyes of this teacher.

** If you really knew me is now a TV show on MTV. If you want to watch an episode click HERE

Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Delicious Food

Its the start of a new school year and that means a lot of new people in my ward. They changed the boundaries and we had about a 90% turn over. I was feeling real sad about it until I watched new men pour into the building. I had my eye on one delightful tasty treat (I often refer to beautiful men as delicious food) all during the first meeting. Then something beautiful happened. The MAN(not boy) I was eying came over and introduced himself to me right in front of the old crush... its amazing what a little jealously can do. I've never gotten so much attention in one day. I was glad I got ready this morning and am thinking it might be worth getting ready for the next while. It was a good day.

P.S. Happy Birthday to Sammy... my favorite 16 year old on the planet. There is nothing more that I love more than to hang with him. He keeps us all laughing all the time.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Random August Pics

Happy 80th Birthday Grandpa!
Helping Kelly celebrate his 47th

At the Family Dinner
In Preston's words "this is what happens when you fart in the pool"
Crossfit abs... it's almost tempting. GO Jer GO!!
Mom in her favorite place
Floral in-service... going to make these halo's with my students to help them practice taping