Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 has come to an end

What a fun year! This is a record mostly for me but feel free to read. Here are some highlights:

- Vegas 2 this spring- 2 weekends in a row :)
- July I started working on an MBA at Western Governors University
- Trip to Standford with B in August
- Started teaching for my second year
- Real estate back in my life
- Joshy came home
- moved back home to help pay for Grad School (lets get real... if your family was my family why wouldn't you live at home)
- I might have a gluten allergy ( still in denial(: )
- Crazy trip to Boise to meet a boy... didn't work out
- Started to co-advise FFA
- Wendover...neuf said
- Masquerade & Christmas Benefit Ball
- Lot of Men who I thought I loved.... for at least 3 days :) but made an impact: T,B,D,B,D,D... Have a thing with boys who's name start with B's and D's apparently
- Valentines Party
- Jobless Summer (that was fun! Lets do it again)

Some things I have learned:

- Boundaries can be a great thing. I'm working on setting them:)
- How to happily move on
- That I need and love my alone time- and that's okay
- Nothing in the world is better then my family
- Dreams come true: Pool, Grad school
- How to bounce back from mistakes and learn from them
- How to Love better
- I feel better when I make healthy decisions
- Aligning my head and heart about spirituality

Sunday, December 26, 2010


We went and saw True Grit then went to my personal favorite, Carabbas for dinner- YUM! After we came home and played rook... Spencer and I won... holla! Around 1am we opened presents and Santa did GOOD! Loved the low key no cooking, no cleaning Christmas!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cowboy Chrsitmas

Saturday night we went to see our drummer friend Brandon play in his Country band, Charley Jenkins. Man can that kid drum!Before we hit up the show we grabbed some sushi at my new favorite place Naked Fish in SLC. We know how to play ;)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Class today

Melissa from Blossom Sweet came to class today- lucky us!!! She taught us lots of very cool stuff and is even doing a giveaway for my students. She's maybe the raddest ever! She also brought them all a copy of Utah Valley Bride. I caught several students getting in trouble for looking at the magazine in other classes....She left them happy, happy students! What girl doesn't love dreaming about her big day. Click below and check out her mad skills(caution: you may be blown away and have the need to through an event). Hopefully one day she'll do my wedding!

Blossom Sweet Blog