Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happenings in the Hood

Football season is here!!! This is Steven Covey (yep, the grandson) who married my Emily (old roommate). He gets tickets and Emily brought me to the last game. I am the luckiest girl ever!!! not only a free ticket but I get to sit with her and the baby she is growing inside her tummy :)

Here is a little taste of what's been going on lately. Kelli blessed her twin boys on sunday so the crew got together for wicked yummy lunch after. It was great to all just be together. It doesn't happen often enough!

The next pics is the Gossip Girl crew... It's a TV show we get together and watch on Monday nights. Tom brought a little of the upper east class to the premier with campaign glasses and sparkling white grape :)

My new favorite workout it Zumba. Working it out and getting your Latin groove on is always a good time! I love the Latin women who go to the class so fun to watch and be apart of. I also went to my first Latin club last week with Hilary- RAD! I think I have a crush on latins even though there men tend to be short.

Friday, September 25, 2009

I got myself a bob

Can we say hot.... yes people he is beautiful :)
I'm so excited! Today one of my favorite friends (Jacob Pagel) asked if I had time to go to lunch. I always have time to go to lunch :) So we went to Cafe Rio where I saw 2 of my students and they both said hi to me and I felt pretty cool- they're on the football team and they are cool! We ate and I talked to him about training me. We start tomorrow- 10am at the Gold's Gym on 9th east baby. I'm excited to have someone to be accountable to and to kick my butt and to feel the burn of a good lifting workout. Hot, tight body here I come!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In 3 weeks

I'll be lounging on a ship like this
I'll be eating this.... Life is sweet!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Top of Utah Marathon 2009

We did it! I'm feeling great.... moving around like normal today. Except for I have a big blister on my right foot so I'm being real careful not to put too much pressure on it. The Run was GEORGIOUS!!! The canyon is starting to change color and the weather was perfect. I ran past big red barns and happy open fields. We ended running through Logan neighborhood and ended at a great park. Jer, Preston and the girlies where waiting at the end and Jer took all of these pics ( thank you, thank you, thank you!!!) I didn't push myself too hard just really enjoyed my music, the sceanery, people and the run. Hilary came in first at 5:22, I came in second at 5:28 and dave came in shortly there after (we were shocked and thrilled we beat him!) Jeremy and Cory let us crash at there new house ( AWESOME, perfect dream house) and we went back showered grabbed some lunch and then drove home in time to watch the sad tail end of the BYU game. After last years marathon where we were rained on the whole time and are muscles cramped up I expected to not feel so good. After this yrs marathon I'm thinking these are't that big of a deal. Maybe one yr I'll really train and a real time until then I had expierence and would deffinantly do it again! Thanks for all the love and support!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Marathon Here I Come!!

Mom and Dad have opted out. I'm still staying in! I head to Logan tonight after work with Hilary and Dave to run it..... GO US!!! Pray that we all make it and have a great time doing it ;)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Money Tree Stopped By

After looking at past posts I'm usually complaining on my blog... so sorry. Today I'm celebrating and being ultra grateful for a few great things that have come my way. I have a condo under contract and that should cover the car and plumbing thing (talked about it in a recent post). Then I had the most amazing week at work and made an extra few hundred dollars. Then I forgot that I have a teaching check coming - Rad!!! So Hopefully I will be paying off my credit cards with in a month.... PARTY!!!!

Other great Things happening:

-Biggest loser starts tonight. My FAVORITE! when I do pay off credit cars I'm getting another personal trainer and I'm thrilled about that, I crave it. I need that accountability and the extra push a very in shape stranger can bring.

- Ran into Friends (Platt sisters) at the Olive Garden last night. Kylee and I had to go get soup after our rainy day and then I cuddeled up with my favorite blanket on my love sac that sits on my balcony and I watch the rain pour - it was amazing!

-Going on a bike ride with Mom tonight and Running Marathon with Dad on Saturday. Go active us go!

Life is good, REAL good.

Monday, September 14, 2009

He doesn't love me

A common theme in my life. Sad but true. Yesterday I threw an emotional girl fit. Made a boy come over that could comfort me, listened to break up music with Ky and got all weird and emotional. I'm better today. Much better. He still doesn't love me and that's okay. Maybe next time I realize it I won't have to throw a fit. No promises but I'm learning. I didn't call the rebound boy and that is good news. Learning process at its finest.

*** Special thanks to all the people who put up with emotional 24 yr old throwing her fit. You were just what I needed.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lets give them something to talk about weekend

I'm living the good life! Dane came up with our theme song for a weekend. He is the one I'm feeding pasta too :) He lives with Brandon and Jacob... it the best, most fun apt. EVER!!! We decided Friday night that we we're really going to do this. We booked a hotel around midnight and planned to leave Saturday at 3pm. Here is how the weekend went:

-listened to the BYU game on the way down.... WE WON!!!!
-In & Out Burger
-Got Blue Man tickets (brandon was smooth and got us a military discount $55 for 2 row... not sad my friends, not sad!!)
- Cheesecake factory for dinner
- slept
- pool and sun
- ESPN zone
- Art exhibit at Bellagio where we met and talked with sculpter
- Gellato in Paris
- won a free deck of playing cards
- watched the fountain show
- Blue man group show
- Went dancing!!! :) club Rok in New york, new york
- Hooters at 3:30 am for $0.25 wings (meet wayne brady there)
- nap
- Drive home with a stop in St. George for brick oven lunch

It was fun to be young and single this weekend. We worked the stip.... as much as you can for a bunch of mormon sober kids hitting up Vegas. We laughed until we cried several times a day. The girl with Jacob is the lovely Andrea, (girlfriend) I really like her! She is intellegent and easy going and fun - it was great to get to know her better.

The club was fantastic! A boy was hitting on me (wish I knew his real name - we've made up about 20) and used every line in the book to try and win me over. Both Brandon and Dane protected me like there little girl. As I started dancing with him Brandon came over tapped him on the sholder and told him he could dance with me but no grinding, freaking and not to try anything.... Brandon was a great fake boyfriend the rest of the night. A girl we met commented on how cute is was how protective they were being. I'm pretty much the luckiest girl ever.

Defiantly a weekend to remember and as far as giving them something to talk about I won't post that here but lets just say.... we conquered our mission :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Boys

These pics showed up on facebook today thanking the "mystery girls" who did this to there door. Jacob and Brandon weren't having the best day ever and went to on a Man date (that means we hate women night) at the movies. Ky and I decided that we'd restore there faith in women. I think we did it :) So grateful for single fun friends. I think Ky and I had the most fun writing our inside jokes and pick up lines all over the hearts. Good times in single life

*** I love all my married friends too but when most of your friends are married its extra important to have single friends.