Thursday, October 23, 2008

I was impressed enough to post it. the web site is also really interesting if your interested.

My new Job

I am working for Close to My Heart... the scrapbooking company I was really excited about in an earlier post. It's in a perfect location for me... you've probably seen there building it's right off I-15 off our our PG/Lindon exit.

I am there new Business Development Specialist. This is a new position for the company so my responsibilities will evolve as they figure out really what they want me to do. Although this is what I do know.... It is a direct sales company so I will work with there upper leadership levels helping them to be trained better. I will take suggestions from them on what they feel like they are missing in training and do the research and get them the training they need. I will also be "spying" on other direct sales companys to see how they are training and take there good ideas and implement them into what we are doing. I will also be traveling to confrences and trainings they will each us about what trainings are out there. I will also get to go to the events and help train there... I love the travel thing and am so dang excited about it!!!

I am really hoping to get to go on the next incentive trip although I don't think I'll get to go. They are going to New Zealand... FUN!!! They are doing 2 incentive trips this next year and the other one is the exact same cruise I took this spring. I will happily volenteer for both :)

Sometimes we have to stop and do creative projects so we are trained in our products... life is hard when you are paid to make cards and really cute crafts. The people are great and the atmosphere is really laid back. My Boss is fantastic! She is the opposite of a micro manager... love that! I get to create my own schedual and have tons of flexability on how I accomplish tasks. I'll keep you informed on how everything goes and what fun projects I am doing.

For now I'm still going through training. Can't wait to get up to speed so I can hit the road running!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

This says it all...

Debt its STUPID!!!!

I start my new job tomorrow... so excited to have money so that I can get out of debt. Be the Gazelle.... you won't get it if you haven't read the book. Special Shout out Dave who got me excited again about being a Gazelle.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Walking after a Marathon... Enjoy!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Joshy!!!

Josh wanted to go to the Zoo so we went! It was really fun just Josh, Mom, Dad and I got to go becasue of scheduling. It was a really fun day after we picked up the rest of the boys and went to PF changes for yummy dinner... good choices Joshy! We love, love, love you!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Spencer's at State Golf

It was a fun day for me... I've never golfed in my life! Unfortunately it wasn't Spencer's best day... I think it was his worst score of the season... BUMMER!!! He was a really good sport about it though. I offered him my "lucky medal" the marathon one and he kissed it and held it up to the heavens... he did hit par on that hole :) He wore it for at leased a few holes- it was really funny and very endearing.

Monday, October 6, 2008

I got a job

What a week last week was. I had an amazing week! Wednesday was especially fantastic- I went to the BYU job fair and had lots of great leads on jobs, had great lunch with a long time friend, received 2 job offers and had a date lined up with a boy I'm actually excited about.

Now about the Job... I had 2 interviews with a company called Close to My Heart. I went to great lengths to get them to notice me and with the help of the very wonderful and talented Karalee Jackman I did get an interview eventually the road was rather rocky getting there! They ended up offering me a position in Business Development after I applied for an events job. It is actually a really great fit for me and I'm rather excited! So in english I will help develop how the company will train there direct sales people. I will travel upto 30% of the time (so excited I can't stand it!) and go to big confrences and feel like a really important business woman.

Sad news is that I will be leaving juice press but I don't start to work untill oct 20th so I get a few more shifts in. Thanks for the good times Kelli!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I Did IT!!! Marathon Woman I am!

Lets just start with.....

I am the woman!!!!!!!!!!!! I DID it!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I really did scream that at the top of my lungs as I came in. So now that you know I finished it here is the long version for those who care... warning it is long. Special Shout out goes to Kristen Muierhead - without you this wouldn't have happened!

Now that we have that out of the way it was one heck of an experience!
3:50am Hit alarm, get dressed, get tag and chip secured, bathroom, grab banana
4:18am Load bussed, laugh at woman who wakes up early to shave legs before the race, eat banana, wake up slowly
4:50am Get to starting line, grab a garbage bag to use as a rain jacket becasue it is raining, go potty in the port of potty (not to bad yet... I got there early), stand around fire, take off extra clothes and get them into the U-haul truck- it is going to stop raining, right?
6:45am Race starts
7:00am See Mom and Randy Neilson pass me... have a great race... mom don't worry about me!
Now it changes from time to miles I don't know what time it is...
Mile 5... I feel great especially considering the furthest I've run this whole year is 7-8ish miles
Mile 7 I see the big hill.... I can do just don't push too hard... you have run this far walk the hill then keep running.
Mile 8 I'm still on the hill, lots of people are flying past me.
Mile 9 I really have to go to the bathroom but don't want to stop, it's probably just becasue I'm cold and completely wet ( running, walking, running, walking a lot!!! )
Mile 11 Stop to go potty ( gross!!!- I have wet hands and so has everyone else- imagine the toilet paper... I have no choice... maybe the bushes are a better idea)
Mile 13 This is a half marathon... I should just quite- I've never gone this far in my life... where is the next cop car? and if doesn't stop raining I will freeze, yes freeze probably to death.
Mile 15 I-pod shuffle dies...SAD!!! I will probably not make it and running is no longer an option without music.
Mile 17
Thank heavens for cliff bars... I love cliff for sponsoring the race! I have never seen more cups, GU wrappers and banana peels on the road.... EVER! this is not my first race just my first marathon ( later I realized the poor volenteers gave us all there garbage bags so they got to pick up by hand... normally they have people holding bags for you to dump in
Mile 18 Take of Garbabge Bag (its starting to chaff my arms) Meet lindsey... she let me stay with her untill mile 24-she wanted to run in... I did not :)
Mile 19 It stopps raining... don't worry the wind is still blowing just like the previous 18 miles. I love Icy Hot... shoulders please! ( I have this horrible habit of tightening my shoulders when I run
Mile 21 I've gotten this far I'm finishing even if I'm on all fours crossing that linel!!!
Mile 22 ran the whole mile
Mile 23 bless these Aid Station people for wating for me for so long It's not 5+ hours after the race started
Mile 25 are you sure we aren't there yet?
Mile 26 See Family .... still have .2 miles to go, they cheer! I start to run the last part
Finish Line: priceless... okay not very eventfull except for the lady who gives me the medal gives me a awequardly long hug... thanks- i think?!?

After a marathon... the real story:

What nobody ever talks about it how you can't move... sitting is a problem, moving is a problem. I was so tired I almost started to cry, you know when kids get real tired and are fighting it they cry then they sleep thats what I wanted to do. Naucious, Yea... so I didn't eat anything for the last few miles and I should have becasue I finished and wanted to throw up/ I did start blacking out. Eat... you'll feel better- not just a little better a LOT better! Please whatever you do don't touch me- I just ran/ walked 26.2 mile... that is really far!

Would I do it again: for the first 12 hours after I said no. Now I say yes! I want to beet my more than pathetic time that isn't gettting posted on this blog... at leased not yet ( still to proud) I am also still sick and the rain/wind/bitterly cold thing really does a number on your muscles- I think just getting rid of that alone would've made for a better time. Over all thrilled that I did it- If I can do it you can do it.

Sorry so long.... this is one of those life events that I will tell people about and becasue this is my journal... you got all of it!