Sunday, June 26, 2011

summer looks like this....

Out of order but you'll still get a feel for how my summer is going.

This is Andy Grammer. We're in love. O maybe I'm just in love with his voice. We went to his concert. He opened for Natasha Beddingfield who I fell in love with. Best concert in a long time!

Dave! Do you remember him. We went on a walk this week where he put me back into place and I love him for it. I easily lose perspective on dating and he's always good to knock some sense into me. We also went to Carabbas and to X-men tonight. Why Yes I am a lucky girl to have so many good friends who are all so deliciously handsom.

This is all of us girls at the show. Before the show we hit up Iggy's so watch Jimmer get drafted. No jazz but Sacramento will have some new fans.

This is at an Orem Owlz game. Ryan sang the national anthem and so kindly gave Ky and I some free tickets. This was also the day we did lunch and our first movie of the week: Lincoln Lawyer (Mathew McConahottie is never sad). To end the night they did a firework display and then we had an IDP while driving around.


This is Casey... no we're not in love. I forget that people might assume we're in love if I post pictures of him in bed and us together at baseball games. We went to Denver for the weekend. A few baseball games, bowling club, biking and birding, dinners, aquarium visit and rest stops and we were back to reality. I'll do another post about the trip with more pics later.

This is me and josh at the Rodeo... YEEE HAW! always love strawberry days.


Hosted a swim party. Lots of friends came... this is Robert. We play AP Sunday school together. Brandon brought his big (like 20 feet) movie screen and we watched better off dead and had his killer speakers for music.

Other highlights:
- Sheri, Preston, Jeremy and families sitting by the pool
- Summer Ag confrence
- sitting by the pool
- lots of matinees and lunch dates with Ky