Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas/ Holidays

This year has been great. My favorite part is that is has been really relaxed. Forget the big dinners and cleaning and worrying about the to do and lets order pizza and watch an entire season of survivor every Christmas.

When your single the holidays usually consist of feeling a bit left out somewhere in the middle of the kids and the real s who are married. Not to mention the 4 single friends you do have that get engaged over the holidays. But this year.... my friends are already married and I just don't care. I loved it and didn't even feel sad one time :) Hooray for single life!

Santa was overly generous and I'll be forever grateful. I got a camera and soon when my new laptop comes you'll be seeing pics! When I have pics I post more and you'll hear more stories. Much love and happy new year

Sunday, December 13, 2009


What would you do if you didn't have any fear?

I would:

- Tell the men I love that it would really be a good idea if we were more than just friends
- Go back to work in real estate full time (still teach of course!)
- Plan an entire summer adventure in Europe ( specifically: Greece & Spain)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

O the job world

So I started a new job on Monday. I felt really good about it in the interview and was impressed by the owners. Yesterday was the first day selling and today the pulled everyone in and told us that it wasn't going to work out.... gave us a job offer that is 100% commission and changed the job description completely (to something a lot less appealing than the original offer) so back to the hunt. If you know of anything you could send it my way or you could just pray hard! Love you people! Trusting that the Lord is leading me to something better :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Children of Eden

If you ever have a chance to see this play... do it! It was pretty dang amazing. I went with my friend Dane last Saturday and we were both blown away by how good it was. It even made me go read the bible to answer my questions about some of the things the play brought up.

You have seen Dane before on the blog he went to Vegas with me twice and he was pictured in a post where I was feeding him spaghetti. To be honest I had misjudged Dane initially but as I've gotten to know him I find myself loving him more and more. We had a great time and he is a great listener. So glad we got to have such a fun week! Other fun things we did last week included: caroling at a rest home, festival of trees, & an orchestra concert. We're doers, we do things :)