Friday, July 31, 2009

VEGAS here I come!

In honor of going to vegas this weekend I pick out this new background. I'm excited to sit in a car with some of my favorite people for 10 hr, go to in and out burger and roam the strip like were young and single. Watch Out Vegas you don't know what's about to hit you! ( a bunch of Mormon kids that don't drink or gamble- we act drunk all on our own)

Chicken Makhani

I made this last night... YUM!!!! I have a new found love for Indian food! even though there is 1/2 and 1/2 and butter in it every time I eat Indian food I lose weight... I think it's the cayenne pepper. I used this recipe - Man I love the internet! You should try it. I also found this market in Provo called World Market... they have everything from everywhere- AWESOME! I'm going to try sushi next :) Thanks to the friends who were brave enough to come try and first attempt. Special Thanks to Hillary for giving us all an opportunity to serve- it felt great and I hope there are more projects to come

Monday, July 20, 2009


well... it was magical. This girl loves to get dressed up! I danced until my legs gave out, the company was amazing and I can't wait till Prom 2010 :)

first few days and cheating already

So I had an incredible first 2 days on HCG- 8.5 lbs down :) WAHOO!!!!! I'm feeling much more energized as well (that alone worth it)! Everything is great until a really cute boy that I have a slight (meaning huge) crush on asked me to come over for dinner. What's a girl to do? I eat his yummy wheat pasta and the most incredable chicken dripping in butter and loved it. I don't even regret it... sometime you have to give a little... so I'm back on program today (day 4) and I didn't dare get on the scale this morning... I'll just get on tomorrow after I get a chance to work it all off today :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

getting healthy

I've been horrible to my body lately and it's real mad at me with good reason! My workout have been brief or non existent, I've been eating sugar and carbs and my insulin is off the charts having a hay day! Everyone keeps asking me if I'm okay... yea I'm just literally making myself sick. When you have insulin inbalances you get discoloration under your eyes, armpits and you can literally see the difference. it's like a death shadow has come across your body- I know not hot!

So.... changes are coming. I'm starting HCG... that hormone diet. Today is the first day of the drops. You have to "fat load" the first 2 days (meaning eating like crap) think fried, sugar, carb, headache, tired and anything that would make you seditary and want to sleep. That's exactally what I want to do right now... SLEEP PLEASE!!!

I have faith that this will be a great thing for me. I need a pretty big kick in the butt especially because marathon is coming up ( sept 19th) and I need to still fit in my cl0thes. So please keep me accountable. Ask me how its going. It's a 40 day program - the 500 calorie diet starts Friday and I can't wait :)

If anyone has been thinking about it I got a killer deal from a local guy- $50 and its drops- no shots. I'll try and update how its going every few days on the blog... no so much for any of you but for myself to stay accountable.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


It's been an interesting week for me in boy world... yes boy world. There not men yet... sadly! So after kissing one and breaking off my heart from 2 of them I'm left with Patrick. On to bigger and better and someone who will treat me like a queen.