Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine, Be Mine

Dad bought the family Lady A tickets at Christmas for Valentine's Day. In the end real life happened and it ended up being me, mom, dad and Sam. It was a great Valentine's Day. It was Sam's first concert and concert going with Mom is always a blast espceially since we love county. Love my family... So glad I came to the right one!


Some days I feel overwhelming amounts of love. Today is one of those days. This whole week my heart is just too full... its spilling over. I had a dinner with 20 of my closest single firends last Sunday. The fact that I have 20 close single friends proves that I'm one of the lucky ones. That doens't include my married friends or my family. This is what I know.... I am surrounded by incredable people. I have lots of personal hero's around me. I'm loved and I deeply love.