Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mrs Ginerbread

So the other night I went to the Lower Lights concert. I got talked into being a gingerbread man the entire concert. Yep.. sat in a seat and everything. For someone else's thoughts about it and to see the blog where I stole the pic click here It was a hilarious night that ended up being way too much fun.

Monday, December 12, 2011

greatful for perspective

So glad that there is a boy who will stand in a parking spot for me for 7 minutes until I get there just because he wants to make sure I have a parking spot... he is a keeper!

So grateful there is a boy who will call me and ask if he can take me out on Wednesday before our real date on Friday.

So grateful that when a door closes lots of other doors open. Grateful that I'm starting to understand how I should be treated. Grateful for time, for all of my past experiences and that I'm learning. Its been a ridiculously good day.

Company Christmas Card

Remember how they took this picture on my first day with them... I do! Merry Christmas

Sydney's Wedding Flowers!

I loved this bouquet. Wish I had a few more pics. The Bride was going for country and new she wanted daisys and sunflowers. She gave me free reign over the rest... love that!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

made me laugh

Cause its true :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

more pics and a letter to spence

This week was busy and fun. It was the masquerade on Thursday night so I spent the early part of the week running erronds and getting ready for it. Then thursday was the big night. It was great to get to be with so many people I love and see students! Man I miss that.

I am loving my new job at ZYTO. They are a medical device company. I support the sales team and this week I have started doing all the trade show stuff... makes me thrilled! I get to go to a convention this weekend its just in SLC but they get me a hotel room and it'll be fun to get to understand the trade show process better by seeing it firsthand. The sales guys are hilarious and everyone there is really fun. I also got put on the "fun" committee. Think of the office and the party committee. Tomorrow we're have a costume and pumpkin carving contest. They company is also buying us lunch. They are great to there employees and I'm honestly happy to go to work everyday.

Friday night I went with Ryan to a house show he was playing at. It was awesome! I get there and it was at this kids house who went to AF high but I knew him from FFA and had traveled with him several times. Tons of great musicians were there and they took turns singing and playings short (3-4 song) sets. I sat there almost not believing it was my real life. I was chilling in a living room with all of these amazing musicians and felt like I was just jamming with them. I ate it up! And of course I love to hear Ryan play any chance I get. That kid, his talent and his voice... it kills me.

I woke up this morning not feeling good so I slept all day... now I feel a little better but hate feeling like a wasted a whole day sleeping. I have been up for maybe 3 hrs. I just keep sleeping.

Hope its a fun Halloween for you and that you get to celebrate somehow. BIG love ya brother!

Friday, October 28, 2011

sneak peak of masquerade pics

you get this one cause its the only one I have... can't wait for more of them to come!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


So last minute I decided to go up with Ryan and Brandon to there concert in Rexburg. Lauren came (Spencer's Friend)! It was so fun to see her.... she is darling. I sure miss his friends hanging around all the time. I also ran into a student from last year who is now at BYU-I. I was sad I didn't get to see campus but were gonna go back soon hopefully!

Click on this for a clip from last night.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

last day teaching eve

I'm an emotional disaster. I sat at my kitchen table about writing thank you's to give away to all the people who have been a big part of my journey at LPHS. Then I broke down and am still crying. I've DEEEEEEP LOVED my time there. I've never felt so fulfilled. loved, happy, excited about everyday. I'm gonna miss those kids so much. They've taught me to be happy, I've been my best self while I'm there and I'm just plain sad. I almost don't know how I'm going to walk in tomorrow. Pray that I'm not a mess all day and make it through the days of goodbyes. I loath goodbyes. There is something about teenagers that is magical.... I just love them so much it hurts and can't help it. Sometime I wish I didn't love them so much.

I'm also crying happy tears. I'm so grateful to have gotten to teach. I really can't believe how that feel into my lap. I'm thrilled for full time work in a happy office where people are productive, happy and take care of each other. I'm grateful that I'll have benefits and be able to take care of myself. I'm happy to continue to grow and stretch and be apart of something great.

Have I mentioned yet that I LOVE my new job. Time flies and the department I'm in is hilarious and fun and happy. so life really is going to be okay, - better then okay. Its going to be wonderful and I know it. If only I didn't have to do the goodbye part.

Emotional girl now going to cry herself asleep.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I haven't written in a long time. There is much that could be said... for now here are a few recent thoughts, updates, whatever you wanna call em.

- God or the universe or whatever you want to call it Loves me. He also loves you. Usually i remember that He loves me but sometimes I forget that He loves all of you as much as I do.... maybe even more then I do. I forget that He knows how to take care of you better then I do and that He's going to make sure your okay. I'm gonna try really hard to remember that and let go a little easier.

- No full time job yet but some promising interviews. I'm still looking and submitting applications. I feel hopeful and that's good news! I'm loving my time teaching and trying to relish every second as I know it will soon end. I love my students and so does God.

- I get to make choices based on whats going to make me happy and not what makes the most logical and practical sense. That was a new concept for me today - I think a rather healthy and exciting one.

- I love my Family. I have had a great time this week with almost every member. Miss you really big Spencer! From texts with Josh to Dinner with Sam and Michale to TV with Mom and Chats with Dad. I love these people. We really enjoy each other... its amazing to be apart of something this good.

- Fall TV premieres are amazing! I'm loving having all my friends back- Grey's, Survivor, Parenthood, Biggest Loser, etc... you get the idea. I've missed you and am thrilled your back!

- I went Latin Dancing this week- Loved IT! Something so healing about touch and music.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

my friends

are amazing! I'm so glad to go through life with people who are so supportive and love me. Single world can get lonely sometimes but in our circle of friends I'm constantly amazed how supportive everyone is. This week I had friends bring me ice cream and mexican coke in bottles when I had a real bad boy day. These are the type of friends eveyone needs and I hope everyone is lucky enough to have.

It's Kylee bithday today. Its been a really fun weekend. I love her! If you see facebook, my blog, or ever see me you know that we have more than our fair share of fun together. Life is always good when your with her. She is amazing. Boys are idiots... just sayin. Rachelle made her this rad dvd of people saying happy birthday and pics of the year. It made me so glad that all these people are in my life... we love each other.

I was reminded today that even though life isn't perfect I have what's most important in life. I have incredable relationships.

So what I'm sayin is I'm the luckiest girl!

Friday, August 19, 2011


I didn't get the other job I really, REALLY, really wanted.

This is the response I got:

It was very nice to meet with you yesterday and discuss the _____ opportunity at ____. I was extremely impressed with your personality and qualifications. I think that you would do a great job in this position. It was extremely difficult to make a decision between you and one of the other candidates. Unfortunately, we have decided to offer this position to a candidate that has been involved with _____ for four years as a volunteer trip leader.

I wish I had another position to offer you but I will keep your resume on file and should another position become available I will contact you.

SO now what? I feel so discouraged and don't know where to look. I would really like to be able to pay my bills and move back into my condo. As for the last few hours I feel like a failure at life.

The funny thing is I know I'm not a failure. I know that there is probably because a better path, one that will be better for me and that I will love more. I would sure appreciate it presenting itself.... soon. Maybe even tonight? Why Yes I do like control. So universe here is what I want:

- A company that I believe in what they are doing
- Something that I love: work with teenagers, travel, events, or training
- It supports me generously and allows me to save for the future

I'd really appreciate feeling like I'm in control of something and a job.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

a date

so tonight I went on a date. A real one where the boy called a week in advance, asked me to reserve Saturday evening. Called me in the middle of the week to solidify the plans, picked me up, payed for it, planned it and the only thing I had to do was be at my house when he picked me up. That part was refreshing.

He was really nice and easy to talk and we had fun. I was myself and felt very comfortable.

Problem: I love a different boy. A boy that consumes my thoughts and time often. I was trying very hard to stay in the moment and really give this date boy a chance. then he took me to this place that the reminded me of the boy I love. And all I wanted to do was be with the boy I love.

Dating and love is so tricky. the end

Thursday, August 4, 2011

job situation

I have done an amazing job at enjoying my summer while job hunting and having faith that the right thing will come alone until.... Tuesday.

I broke down. I felt the stress fall into place realizing that I'm almost out of money and options. So... I wrote a bunch of cover letter and applied for more stuff. I just feel like at 26 when you have an MBA you should be able to at least get an entry level job somewhere right? And maybe even one you like?

Someone please send me the job fairies who gives me something I will enjoy and cover my life expenses.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kenny Chesney

Ky, April and I went to Kenny... he is amazing. We loved it!

Park City, St. George, Cedar City, Vegas, Park City

That's what my week looked like. Casey and Brandon bought the week at cabin in park city at our charity auction in December so this week was the week! We started off last Sunday night at the cabin with a bunch of friends. I stayed until Tuesday morning hanging with all my favorite boys. Went on an amazing run Morning that cleared my head and reminded me that life is going to work out better than expected.

Tuesday Kylee and I went down to St. George and had Cafe Rio and nelsons custard for dinner. Then we headed over to Tuachan to see Grease. We ran into a bunch of my students from Lone Peak who were there for student council camp. I love them. It was great to see them. Then we drove back to Cedar City to our hotel.

Kylee had a conference in Cedar Wed- Fri so we had a free room :) We stayed in Cedar Wednesday and went to a local joint for dinner. I started writing cover letters and job hunting.

Thursday we went on a day trip to Vegas and went shopping, to the movie Midnight in Paris, dinner and then our favorite club LAX. Go see Midnight in Paris it was charming and clean and I loved, loved, loved it!

We came home Friday and I re- packed and headed back to Park City with Lauren. We went to dinner and laughed and had a great time. She left early in the morning and I was left with the boys :) Robert, Casey and Ryan. We made breakfast and then hit the pool. Later Casey and I hiked to the top of the mountain and rode the lift down. Later Kylee met up with us and we went dinner and then headed back to the cabin to my favorite spot. There was this balcony and I loved to sit and watch the stars. The boys came out and chatted with me.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

i didn't get the job

I didn't get the job at Provo High. I'm inconsolable and pouting all day. I just want to teach!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

summer looks like this....

Out of order but you'll still get a feel for how my summer is going.

This is Andy Grammer. We're in love. O maybe I'm just in love with his voice. We went to his concert. He opened for Natasha Beddingfield who I fell in love with. Best concert in a long time!

Dave! Do you remember him. We went on a walk this week where he put me back into place and I love him for it. I easily lose perspective on dating and he's always good to knock some sense into me. We also went to Carabbas and to X-men tonight. Why Yes I am a lucky girl to have so many good friends who are all so deliciously handsom.

This is all of us girls at the show. Before the show we hit up Iggy's so watch Jimmer get drafted. No jazz but Sacramento will have some new fans.

This is at an Orem Owlz game. Ryan sang the national anthem and so kindly gave Ky and I some free tickets. This was also the day we did lunch and our first movie of the week: Lincoln Lawyer (Mathew McConahottie is never sad). To end the night they did a firework display and then we had an IDP while driving around.


This is Casey... no we're not in love. I forget that people might assume we're in love if I post pictures of him in bed and us together at baseball games. We went to Denver for the weekend. A few baseball games, bowling club, biking and birding, dinners, aquarium visit and rest stops and we were back to reality. I'll do another post about the trip with more pics later.

This is me and josh at the Rodeo... YEEE HAW! always love strawberry days.


Hosted a swim party. Lots of friends came... this is Robert. We play AP Sunday school together. Brandon brought his big (like 20 feet) movie screen and we watched better off dead and had his killer speakers for music.

Other highlights:
- Sheri, Preston, Jeremy and families sitting by the pool
- Summer Ag confrence
- sitting by the pool
- lots of matinees and lunch dates with Ky

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Submitted my last paper this week! Crossing my fingers they pass it off first try. Day after we worked in the yard all day and worked on sprinklers. I got a blister at the begging of the day from trenches and then ended the day with my band-aid falling off digging a tunnel for some pipe. It was actaully really fun to work with the family. Josh and I (obviously the hardest workers) stayed till it was finished. He's a champion and knows tons. It was great to learn about sprinklers from him.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Class today

We made pomanders they were glorious and so delicious!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

quick updates

I'm finishing not only my last class but my last assignment of my MBA. I feel a little burnt out but am also excited to plow through and be done!!!

I'll interview in the next week for the position at Lone Peak that could result in a full time teaching job next year (crossing my fingers)

I've been playing really hard on top of it all.

School ends in 21/2 weeks and I'm hoping to have my last assignment finished by then. So...I'll sleep then.

Life is about to change and new adventures are about to take place.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


lets start with its "that" time of the month.

Then add that Spencer is leaving.

Then think about how much we love each other.... its almost a problem! We never have more fun than when were with each other.

2 & 1/2 more days together

I hate it. I want to stop holding in the tears. I want to turn the switch off.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

deal breaker?

Maybe not a deal breaker but a serious turn off...Xbox. Seriously, play when the girls aren't there. On the other hand do remember what the girls preferred drink is and offer to refill her empty glass. Do throw the girl your Hoodie, compliment her, plan future times to do things with her and stand at the door till she gets safely to her car. It makes her feel wanted.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Real Man

Glad that I have good friends and brother who are real men. Feel extra taken care of and loved today.

laughter... night of

So tonight I went to the Kalai (friend Ryan Innes opened for him... yep, cool!) concert with 9 other peeps. Some of them happen to be some of my most favorite on the plant. Brothers Michael and Joshy came with Kristen Mierhead, Andy, Casey and some other friend girls.

The concert was okay- venue and sound was bad but the company was just the opposite. Caroline was there and I got to catch up with her for a few mins. Then Kristen and I were mocking Kalai and Michael started telling family secrets I laughed my guts out!

After we went to get burgers which is where I realized I didn't have my phone. So after we ate Deb called my phone and Bob (48 yr old looking guy who picked up my phone) answers and gives us his address so we go pick it up before heading back.

The plastic piece on my car is also falling off and keeps scraping the pavement. It was a great night. I seriously laughed and then laughed harder. Casey is considering getting a otter tattoo across his shoulders with scat on his arm. Kristen and I will shortly be starting a band and making a documentary. Miracle is that I drove home though the tears that were streaming because I was laughing so hard. Like gut laughter... abs gonna be sore tomorrow.

love my life people. love the people in it even more. night!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Healing Weekend

So we went to Vegas.... yep again. yep still love it there. Yep want to go again- how's next weekend?

We went on a whim in hopes to heal hearts. I wasn't the one with a hurting heart going into the weekend. We planned on lots of laughing, food with cream and real butter, clubbing and beautiful men.... it all happened. Probably better than planned. Normally we go dancing and bring our own men. It was great to go and get hit on my men that we didn't bring. It was flattering and refreshing to have hot men tell us that we're hot and try and get us to dance with them all night. Men in Provo have no clue what they're doing! Go take lessons - preferably in Vegas.

It was seriously maybe the funnest night of my life. I laughed so hard with Ky and we had way too much fun.

The next day I saw a movie and for some reason it really struck a chord with me. I found tears on my creeks and didn't realize until after why I was crying. While I love cream sauce and random men hitting on me and girl time... none of that can fill the void of a real relationship. Dang! I also realized that reality was gonna come back and cream and not working vegas days couldn't last forever. If only it was easy as getting hit on at the club.

Good news: I have tons of amazing relationships in my life and Its only the beginning of spring break so heal on my friends! Heal from whatever in life has you down. Then let reality resume feeling stronger, hotter and more ready than ever to live in the life your creating.

Love my life and how I'm growing and creating it

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Students are hitting on me this week

- Chase asking me to Prom
- Zach asking me to be his girlfriend. When I said no he says "how about new year?"
- Ben blowing me kisses through the glass door
- Zach telling me that I can't deny my love for him

Monday, April 4, 2011

show me your awesome

Conference was great. I found myself emotional during several of the talks. Not so much because of what was being said but how I felt while watching and what was on my mind while watching. I'm so loved. I had an incredible week. One of those where people are more important that making sure "stuff" got done. I had particularly way to much fun with Kylee. She has been exactly what the doctor ordered. Its been fun to both have love interests and to giggle and plot and over analyze.

Because of all that fun I feel asleep in between sessions today and woke up just as Elder Scott was finishing his talk. I heard a lot about it today so when I got home tonight I pulled it up and watched it. I teared up listening to him speak about his wife. He loved her. I can't wait to grow old with someone I love.

Tonight we had dinner with some friends (and interests) and one of them said it just sounds easier than I think it is. I'm just suppose to make a girl think I'm awesome.... well, yep. And you can prove it to me- I'm willing to give you that chance;)

Mostly during conference I was swept away with how guided my life is right now. Its going to be another big year for me with change, getting a degree, a new job (still crossing my fingers that its a teaching job) and hopefully falling in love. Its wonderful to feel so at peace and know I'm in headed in the right direction for the life I want to create.

I know I don't know a lot but I do know there is a God, that he love me, he helps me by leading me in the direction where I can find my every wish and desire and some that I don't even know I have. I know that I love Him for watching out for me.

Go listen to this talk... it'll make your day!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Change? Teaching and education system

So most of you know I've been working on getting my MBA so I can apply for the ARL (alternative route to getting Licensed). I just want to teach so bad it hurts. I feel frustrated that its so hard to find a job teaching when there are so many people in the system who don't teach and don't want to be here. Do you know there is a class with 5 students and a class with 8 students at Lone Peak... cause there is. Did you know that my classes are full and I could easily fill another class. just sayin.....

I'm feeling like to be smart I should look at other options while applying everywhere and hoping that I find a 1/2 time position in Business. I know that whatever end up happening next will be great but I'm feeling scared and nervous.

Pray hard something wonderful happens. Here is what I really want so universe- provide!

1/2 time position in Ag 1/2 time in Business preferably both at lone peak. If not then 1/2 at Lone peak and 1/2 at another school in Alpine school district.

no use in sitting in worry, gonna get to work!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Big or Little spoon?

How can you go wrong really. While I prefer to eat all food with the little spoon sometime I like to Big spoon. Sometimes I really like it when boys tell me they'll be my little spoon anytime I want :)

P.S. Its St. Patrick's Day tomorrow- Kiss me I'm single and Irish!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


has looked this, this week. Someone, anyone! Please come tie me to a chair and my computer so that I can graduate.

the girl in desperate need of motivation

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

26th Birthday

I had the perfect day!
Went for a run on a beautiful jogging path
My favorite- watermelon for breakfast
spent the middle of the day touring Downtown Santiago
came back eat yummy lunch
dinner at pasta, pasta
out to a club with Josepha and Mica

I pretty much love my life. Now on my way to the beach :)