Monday, June 30, 2008

Fun Sunday Afternoon

Crazy fun sunday afternoon. We had a few people over for lunch and then....being single, marriage somehow always creeps into the conversation. Then Emily got on her pageant dress and brought out the eternal marriage manual. It was fun and we all had a few good laughs.Brandon (in the picture with Emily) is an amazing drummer ( like real drummer- plays with real bands you would all have heard of) and doesn't want to get married until after he becomes a rock star. We asked him he doesn't want to get married this impromptu guitar song is what happened next. Okay, so the video won't load but I'll work on it and post it later.

Friday, June 27, 2008

I wanna go back

I loved school! I really miss it and hope that I will be again in a cap and gown receiving a Masters degree. And I want my long hair back! I'm back to " what do I really want to do for the rest of my life?" I thought that was over... nope! Look at how much weight mom and dad have lost since then... lookin good!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Random Happenings

Sam at his game imitating a nerd on the team
Lovely Barn I fell in love with on a bike ride
I took the braids out... I kinda liked it.
Way too late on a Sunday night! Thats right, prom dress over t-shirt with goggles and bike

Same night being crazy! I love my roommate Emily...
we just giggled and giggled until we were too tired to giggle anymore.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rodeo with the Family

I love these guys! Sometimes I just plain get sick of all my friends being Married, Engaged or Dating somebody Especially when you're not dating anybody (still) and Family can be really refreshing. They always love you and think you are "it". So Thanks Family for always being there and for being do dang fun! Going to the Rodeo is one of my favorite family traditions.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

YEE HAW!!!!!

Why in the HECK do we not picked up on all the time? probably the 2 cutest girls at the entire Rodeo. We both Made shirts mine said, "I love Cowboys" Kylee's said "Cowboys love me." Loved this picture becasue we could read it across. I'm going again tonight to the Rodeo... It's Strawberry Days and I only had one cup of strawberries witch just isn't enough! Excited becasue a bunch of the old high school friends are meeting up- it's kinda tradition- plus so fun that nobody wants to miss out.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

More of the same photoshoot

Simply Magical!

Sunet pics

I had way to much fun taking pictures of myself one night as we watched the sunset. It was too georgious to even imagine. The boat is super romantical that time of night. They big stings of lights turn on and you know its about time to start the party. LOVE the curise!

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Can I Braid your hair sexy?

This lady pulled up in a van with a taxi driver and asked if she could braid our hair. She liked to call us Sexy... so funny! They have learned what will get them tips. The taxi driver told us that he loved our blue eyes and kept talking until we blushed. They drove us up the mountain to this amazing overlook of the city. They sat us on a bench underneath the shading jungle. They fed us there "juicy patties" Mine was soy- SO, SO, yummy!!!! I wish I could get one here. Delicious! We didn't even realize this could be unsafe until the taxi driver asked us if we were city girls. We said not big city and asked him why? He said most people would be to scared and wouldn't trust them. Hum.... maybe we'll think harder next time. Although he explained that tourism is so much of there economy that if they ever did anything to mess that up they would probably literally be killed by the other locals. So, They dropped us off right at our dock we didn't have to walk everywhere and it was probably by favorite experience of the trip. We also heard them speaking Patwa? no idea how to spell that- it's English but they shorten every word and they all speak very fast so it's hard to understand to the untrained ear but very fun to heard them speak. Mom, Just remember I'm home safe :)

For you pretty girl....

They have some crazy sells tactics! They will try and hand you something and say for you pretty girl for free and then they tell you this sob story about how it is there living and they really want you to pay for it and since you already have it in your hand it can be tough to give it back to them. I was prepared and didn't have a problem with "no" but many did. They have amazing carvings for real cheep and everything is so bight and colorful. I love my jewelry that I got there... one day I'll post photo's. I wish I would've taken more pictures of the people. They are so Jamaican and I love there dreads and there crazy culture. I was offered weed numerous times but wasn't tempted... the more I'm around it the more I think how stupid can people be?!? I like to have all of my brain cells thank you!

Dunn River Falls

Jamaica was maybe just my favorite place... the Dunn river falls were amazing. It is exactly what you think of when you here tropical. SO so green and lush! You can go with a guide but they make you hold hands and go at there pace...not so much our thing. We hiked, stopped and sat in pools and loved it. Poor Kylee ripped of 2 of her fake nails completely off on some slick moss but other then that we all made is safely. I would highly recommend not getting a guide- plus then you just have to tip them. If your ever there go hike the falls!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


This was also so fun! As soon as we got on the boat is started to rain and I mean pouring rain! It was kinda fun though. We were 300ft in the air and even though it was raining the water and scenery was fantastic! You could see the clear water and where the ocean was deep and where the reefs where not to mention a great view of Mexico... we did this in Cozumel. The guy helping us get into the harness was hilarious and liked us American ladies... we weren't sad. It is fun to be around people who think you are beautiful... I'm living in the wrong country! Maybe I move... South America? And is response to a comment made in an earlier post: My Pentax Optio camera is waterproof. It was the first time I've had a chance to use it and boy was I glad I had it! We got great pics and I didn't have to worry while I was in the water... A great buy before you do anything with water!