Monday, March 29, 2010

pretty flowers, sad occasion

A girl who was on our buss home from the FFA trip (different school - so not my student) mother died on her way home from seeing the girl when an award. It is a very tragic situation. Pray for her and her 2 other sisters... they are now left with out parents in there lives. We wish we could have done more for them

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So today I watched a man, a beautiful man breath. I tried to look away but I couldn't... I was memorized (not only by his beauty) but by how amazing our bodies are. He was also deep in thought and it was fascinating to be in the moment and just get to appreciate what some might think are simple everyday functions. So grateful to get to have a body, better yet a healthy body that gets to breath, think, feel, touch, smell, see.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

biggest loser casting call

Biggest loser came to salt lake for a casting call and about 1500 people showed up to try out for the show. I was number 533. We got in line at 7 am and they started pulling people in at 10am. It was finally our turn around 3:30... yes people I did wait in line for 8.5 hrs- longer then a regular work day. They pull you in 10 at a time and ask 3 questions to the group.... name, occupation & how much weight you want to lose. It was maybe 4 min in front of the casting director. Waste of time- yea but know I can say I did it. We met tons of fun people in line and it was fun to feel skinny. There are lots of people struggling to lose weight and even though I've not been "on the plan" for the last few weeks I know I can get back on and am so grateful for my health and where I'm at now.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

did I mention

That my kids love me... just saying

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lady Gaga Night

I came home on a saturday after showing houses all day and going to a wedding reception when I got wrangled (okay, maybe I invited myself) into making Lady Gaga music video's. These pics where taken at about 1:30 in the morning while we were in line and in and out... O the crazy single life!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Camilla's Wedding

April (new roommie) came with and she was a lifesaver, she also does flowers

This is my trainer and her darling husband Douglas. They have this really fun tradition (there both Brazilian) Where the friends go around selling pieces of one of the grooms tie but they hoot and holler and everyone knows how to party... I loved it!!! They dance and I mean everyone dances- it was way too much fun. I was thrilled I got an invite. I did the flowers for the wedding. It was fun and crazy... kinda stressful. You just want your bride to love, love love it ya know?

Camilla is GORGEOUS and has a wicked crazy amazing body. I'm so glad I get to train with her. One day maybe my body but look closer to hers. (quick update on that... I've been sick and she's on her honeymoon so that last 3 weeks I haven't done much therefore haven't progressed much- back on the plan tomorrow)

FFA State Convention

this is a Swather... its like a big lawnmower for hay and then it puts it in nice rows or at least that's what they tell me

this is buddy Josh... he calls me sis

yep, people.... I am an Agriculture adviser. We had a blast, 15 teenagers, (the real Advisor) Mr. Danny Blackhurst & I. We were in Cedar City for 3 days of fun. One morning the kids woke me up early so we could go to breakfast and I went in my jammies :) no pics needed of that. My favorite moment of the trip was when one of the girls gave me a huge compliment. She said we really respect you and your also understanding so that makes us want to not disappoint you. I fell more in love with all of them and loved every second of it. They flat out wore me out though- I think I'll be catching up on sleep all week!