Saturday, September 24, 2011


I haven't written in a long time. There is much that could be said... for now here are a few recent thoughts, updates, whatever you wanna call em.

- God or the universe or whatever you want to call it Loves me. He also loves you. Usually i remember that He loves me but sometimes I forget that He loves all of you as much as I do.... maybe even more then I do. I forget that He knows how to take care of you better then I do and that He's going to make sure your okay. I'm gonna try really hard to remember that and let go a little easier.

- No full time job yet but some promising interviews. I'm still looking and submitting applications. I feel hopeful and that's good news! I'm loving my time teaching and trying to relish every second as I know it will soon end. I love my students and so does God.

- I get to make choices based on whats going to make me happy and not what makes the most logical and practical sense. That was a new concept for me today - I think a rather healthy and exciting one.

- I love my Family. I have had a great time this week with almost every member. Miss you really big Spencer! From texts with Josh to Dinner with Sam and Michale to TV with Mom and Chats with Dad. I love these people. We really enjoy each other... its amazing to be apart of something this good.

- Fall TV premieres are amazing! I'm loving having all my friends back- Grey's, Survivor, Parenthood, Biggest Loser, etc... you get the idea. I've missed you and am thrilled your back!

- I went Latin Dancing this week- Loved IT! Something so healing about touch and music.