Monday, March 30, 2009

Cruise trip

We had fun!!! I didn't have my camera becuase I gave it to dad to take with him on his trip to ?Brazil and Argentina- Sad!!! I wish I would've had it but Jacob and Kylee got some pretty great shots. There was about 150 people from Provo so plenty to play with but almost too many. We ended up mostly hanging just us 3.
Jacob is now known as the Man EXTRODARIE... he does everything! Cars, computers, every tech gadget ever, Chef, thats just the beggining people! He was a delight to have along with us. He carried bags, protected us from crazies, and let us hang on to his amazing bicepts. It was refreshing to be with a gentelman- a very fun one. Ladies he's single- let me know I'll hook you up!
Ensenada wasn't anything special but maybe I'm a travel brat. Lots of people got a kick out of haggeling with all the street vendors but that was kinda like been there and done that for me. I did purchase an amazing bag though :) We went to the blow hole... could've done with out that. But the tacos at the blow hole made it all worth it- carne asada with fresh tortilla - YUM!!!! After we went to the beach and that was lovely except the chaffing I got walking back to the boat (don't wear boy shorts with a low crotch!!!) the salt water stings adding to the fun of chaffing :)
Fun to dance the night away and of course unlimited ice cream cones and choclate melting cake added to the expierence. Fun to be with so many first time cruisers- first time really is more magical.
We're planning on another one soon -June so anyone wanna go? If we book with in a 3o days we get a large discount on the next one so that's the plan. May 31- June 7th. Think about it and then let me know. I would really like to bring my boyfriend on the next one so if any of you find him please send him my way.
For more pics see facebook and hopefully I'll get copies soon of everything and post more later.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Job

I start on Tuesday... yep, St. Patricks day! I will do sells... and since they are still growing and kinda start-upish I will also be doing a bunch of other stuff. I'll find out what that is once I start. I'm excited to get to work with an old co-worker (Brandon) from my Trophy Homes days. If you want to know more you can go to there site below:

I want one of these...

I can't even stand how cute these kids are. I spent a very fun day with Kristina and the kids. We were crafty! We had yummy lunch, went to the craft store and made these adorable flowers out of fabric to pin to things... I'll take a pic and get it up here eventually! My other friend Kelli, from the same circle in high school just found out she is having twin boys- crazy that 2 friends are already having twins. I'm baby hungery!

Cake with the all my sinlge ladies... and other friends

O man I love Ky! She Dressed me up in that pink headband and feathery bowa.. don't know how to spell bowa. Had a ton of friends over to cake and ice cream... thanks for the love everyone!

Birthday Dinner

Pics from dinner... eveyone who was there was pictured except for Luca. The Darling Baby I'm holding is Stella Carter (Cam and Kristina's baby girl) I love hanging out with those kids... they just make me happy!