Monday, March 31, 2008

60 days and I set sail!

I'm about to head out on a vacation to not be forgotten! I'm going on a cruise with 8 other friends from my ward and what happens on the cruise stays on the cruise! I'm so, so excited!!! Here is where we are going!

Sometimes single is good, very good!

I had the most lovely sunday of maybe my entire life. I went to church and a great fast and testimony meeting, then went to a hilarious relationships class during sunday school and then had a great lesson from my roomate emily in Reliefe Society. I conducted and it hit me as I was closing the meeting that I would be released soon. The tears wouldn't stop for a good 10 min. I have really come to love, love, love my ward and especailly the girls in my Reliefe Society. For the most part they are such good girls, striving to live the gosple and do the Lord's will.

I went home cuddeled in bed, watched tv with my roomate katie who was sick and kept taking cat naps inbetween my home teachers and visiting teachers- it was the last sunday of the month.

At 4: 30 it was ward brake the fast and I got to visit and play with so many people that I love. We talked about our Cruise and the video's were making for our closing social. I've started hanging out with Pete and his appt alot- I love those boys! They are fun, very funny, cute, and rightious men... all of them like to flirt!

7:30 was a stake musical fireside and man does my stake have talent. they had a full orcastra and a impressive choir. It was the the Provo Tabernacle so the accoustics were rad. I'm sitting watching and Jerry (Pete's roomate) turns around winks and smiles at me, I return the playful gesture and then he turns back around puckering his lips as to send me a kiss. Pete saw it all go down and kindly reminded him that I was his- they decided to wait untill the concert was over and fight it out in the parking lot. I girl loves to be fought over :) After we went to Skylers were he make us strawberries and whip cream, the perfect host.

10:00 serveral of us decided to slip into the hottub to unwind from such a fun day of play. Jerry, Brandon, Kylee and I got in and we all had a great time! I think everyones Sholders and feet got a little love.

Sometimes, All a girl needs is an appartment full of cute boys to flirt with- thanks for a great day kids!

Friday, March 7, 2008

I love new toys!

I have been spoiling myself with new work out toys. I got this resistance band, swimming goggles and cap and a pink yoga mat to set my bike on. I was hanging out with preston and kylee one night- and we went a little crazy! I only wish I had the rediculas pic of me in goggles and a swim cap.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dancing in the Kitchen

Because sometimes you just need to shake it! Making Dinner turns into turning on the I-pod and that turns into somebody shaking something! SO, SO great to have fun roommates!

Workin Girl

So these are 2 of the homes I sit in and sell. These are the Model Homes at The Preserve are community in Saratoga Springs. The Last picture in the view from the back window looking over Utah Lake. It is so beautiful on clear days... that day it wasn't very clear but still pretty.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Elle and I

A few weeks ago after Sunday dinner Elle sat on my lap and we took pictures together on my phone.... Wish the resolution was higher so I could make it bigger but we're still cute!