Thursday, May 29, 2008

Congrats Joshy... I love you the BIGGEST!!!

I love Josh... way too much! I don't want him to grow up and move on. He is always cute and loving and lets me hug him and be an obnoxious sister. I love to laugh with Josh. It's intoxicating! I even love his friends. Greg went into the MTC this last Wednesday-weird! At leased I have Chad, one of joshes closest friends this year(we're engaged I just have to wait for him to go on a mission) I feel like I don't get to keep anyone! I either want to get to move on too or keep everyone close. So quite it! Or take me with you!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Emily and I

One of my favorite things is to take pictures of myself. I feel they turn out better :) At leased I can't blame anyone if I don't like it. I'm not controlling or doesn't run in the genes.

My girls

We went to happy sumo for Katie's Birthday last Saturday. Love ya Katie- so glad you were born and that we get to share a room for awhile.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Riding with a REAL biker!

Note: real jersey, real shorts with the pad in them so your bum doesn't want to fall off after and a very real bike- really close to the one lance rode in the tour de france. one day I will be real- until then... I just keep riding.

Wow! I learned so much in one ride I can hardly stand it! Drew is one of my most favorite people on this earth. He is so fun and genuine and is so comfortable in his own skin that it makes everyone around him more true to themselves. He is a REAL biker. He was even on scholarship in Kentucky for awhile for biking. Although his days of 25-30 hr biking time a week is over he can still kick it hard! I was so greatful for his kind patience with the new beginner (aka- SLOW) girl. He challenged me and I went most of the way up south fork... lot of hill climbs!!!! I will get faster and stronger- everybody has to start somewhere huh? I learned more about cadence, heart rate zones, training, drafting, how to get my chain back on when it falls off(so glad he was there- that would've been a long 14 miles back home carrying a bike!)and how to take off my front tire. I rely needed all that great advice and "the basics" not to mention my favorite part- the company! He wants me to do alpine loop with him- I very afraid and not sure that I'm ready yet but one day I will be and you bet you'll get a blog on that if I make it home alive. Thanks for a great ride bud!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Get your Shine on!

Don't watch the video... it'll ruin the song! I love the song though- great lyrics and fun to work out to.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

lovin sharin the trail

What a fun weekend! Friday my roommate Emily and I drove up the canyon and ran from Vivian park down to the mouth of the canyon ( 5.5ish miles). We left a car at the top and the bottom so we just ran downhill:) That girl smoked me! I haven't ran that far in awhile so I was just glad to make it. The trail is truly heaven to me right now.

Then this morning I decided to bring my camera! Dad met me at the mouth of the canyon and we rode to Vivian and back then he had to leave to go to Stake Baptisms. I love sharing the tail with people that I love. I think everyone should enjoy it! I had time so I went down to the lake before going home. The only thing I'm sad about is that the trail isn't longer- I've got to find some new trails and one that will allow me to ride all day if I please.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Joy is...

Riding a bike. 23 miles of up the canyon and back home. Greeting people with good morning and smiles spreading across faces. Heavy breathing as you tackle a large climb. Smells of rain and green trees canopying the trail. Pink headphones and your i-pod on shuffle not knowing what song is coming up next. Joy is riding a bike!