Wednesday, April 20, 2011

deal breaker?

Maybe not a deal breaker but a serious turn off...Xbox. Seriously, play when the girls aren't there. On the other hand do remember what the girls preferred drink is and offer to refill her empty glass. Do throw the girl your Hoodie, compliment her, plan future times to do things with her and stand at the door till she gets safely to her car. It makes her feel wanted.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Real Man

Glad that I have good friends and brother who are real men. Feel extra taken care of and loved today.

laughter... night of

So tonight I went to the Kalai (friend Ryan Innes opened for him... yep, cool!) concert with 9 other peeps. Some of them happen to be some of my most favorite on the plant. Brothers Michael and Joshy came with Kristen Mierhead, Andy, Casey and some other friend girls.

The concert was okay- venue and sound was bad but the company was just the opposite. Caroline was there and I got to catch up with her for a few mins. Then Kristen and I were mocking Kalai and Michael started telling family secrets I laughed my guts out!

After we went to get burgers which is where I realized I didn't have my phone. So after we ate Deb called my phone and Bob (48 yr old looking guy who picked up my phone) answers and gives us his address so we go pick it up before heading back.

The plastic piece on my car is also falling off and keeps scraping the pavement. It was a great night. I seriously laughed and then laughed harder. Casey is considering getting a otter tattoo across his shoulders with scat on his arm. Kristen and I will shortly be starting a band and making a documentary. Miracle is that I drove home though the tears that were streaming because I was laughing so hard. Like gut laughter... abs gonna be sore tomorrow.

love my life people. love the people in it even more. night!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Healing Weekend

So we went to Vegas.... yep again. yep still love it there. Yep want to go again- how's next weekend?

We went on a whim in hopes to heal hearts. I wasn't the one with a hurting heart going into the weekend. We planned on lots of laughing, food with cream and real butter, clubbing and beautiful men.... it all happened. Probably better than planned. Normally we go dancing and bring our own men. It was great to go and get hit on my men that we didn't bring. It was flattering and refreshing to have hot men tell us that we're hot and try and get us to dance with them all night. Men in Provo have no clue what they're doing! Go take lessons - preferably in Vegas.

It was seriously maybe the funnest night of my life. I laughed so hard with Ky and we had way too much fun.

The next day I saw a movie and for some reason it really struck a chord with me. I found tears on my creeks and didn't realize until after why I was crying. While I love cream sauce and random men hitting on me and girl time... none of that can fill the void of a real relationship. Dang! I also realized that reality was gonna come back and cream and not working vegas days couldn't last forever. If only it was easy as getting hit on at the club.

Good news: I have tons of amazing relationships in my life and Its only the beginning of spring break so heal on my friends! Heal from whatever in life has you down. Then let reality resume feeling stronger, hotter and more ready than ever to live in the life your creating.

Love my life and how I'm growing and creating it

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Students are hitting on me this week

- Chase asking me to Prom
- Zach asking me to be his girlfriend. When I said no he says "how about new year?"
- Ben blowing me kisses through the glass door
- Zach telling me that I can't deny my love for him

Monday, April 4, 2011

show me your awesome

Conference was great. I found myself emotional during several of the talks. Not so much because of what was being said but how I felt while watching and what was on my mind while watching. I'm so loved. I had an incredible week. One of those where people are more important that making sure "stuff" got done. I had particularly way to much fun with Kylee. She has been exactly what the doctor ordered. Its been fun to both have love interests and to giggle and plot and over analyze.

Because of all that fun I feel asleep in between sessions today and woke up just as Elder Scott was finishing his talk. I heard a lot about it today so when I got home tonight I pulled it up and watched it. I teared up listening to him speak about his wife. He loved her. I can't wait to grow old with someone I love.

Tonight we had dinner with some friends (and interests) and one of them said it just sounds easier than I think it is. I'm just suppose to make a girl think I'm awesome.... well, yep. And you can prove it to me- I'm willing to give you that chance;)

Mostly during conference I was swept away with how guided my life is right now. Its going to be another big year for me with change, getting a degree, a new job (still crossing my fingers that its a teaching job) and hopefully falling in love. Its wonderful to feel so at peace and know I'm in headed in the right direction for the life I want to create.

I know I don't know a lot but I do know there is a God, that he love me, he helps me by leading me in the direction where I can find my every wish and desire and some that I don't even know I have. I know that I love Him for watching out for me.

Go listen to this talk... it'll make your day!