Thursday, January 28, 2010

biggest loser update

tomorrow will be 2 weeks into the competition. I'm down 9 lbs and feel great! today maybe I felt too great.... I went to zumba, then I lifted. That's where I should've stopped but then a spin class was starting and I went. Now I'm exhausted! My body is past done. Must sleep! hopefully I will be able to move tomorrow :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happiness today is...

  • A clean kitchen
  • Real estate contracts negotiated
  • Bajio for Dinner (I just got a side of chicken and I don't even feel sad about it)
  • Laughing with my personal trainer Camilla
  • getting on the scale and being 2 lbs lighter than I was yesterday
  • getting a Voice Mail from a boy i am crushing on
  • Listening to Wayne Dyer while running around town
  • Little brother(Spencer) helping to clean up with out being asked
  • watching biggest loser
  • wearing pj's

Sunday, January 24, 2010

collective soul concert

Just getting there.... chillin in the VIP lounge waiting for the party to get started
dancing... gotta give the people what they want and they wanted us to shake it!!!
funny note... we don't know the person who gave us bunny ears in this pic
Yep that would be me lounging on a couch, I worked that room! Caroline scored VIP tickets to the collective soul concert and declared it girls night out! We had a blast- I love fun people. It was a real late night and I had to teach in the morning but defiantly worth the memories!

Who knew Ririe Idaho could be so fun?

Riding on the back of the sled and mostly is there to carry stuff... to get to the cabin you have to snowmobile in :) now that is happiness!
After eating it on a pretty serious sledding hill... you get towed back up on a snowmobile just to do it again!
.This is called a snow skate... its a skateboard on top of a ski.
this is me being pulled by a snowmobile on the snowskate... fun! Wish I had more time to get really good at it... next timeMy friend Caroline (me met in 7th grade and have stayed in touch every since) invited me to go to her friends cabin with her last weekend. I was a bit skeptical but I fell in love! It was breathtakingly gorgeous and the whole trip was an adventure. The Petterson's (cabin owners) were very generous and welcoming and made us feel like part of the family. We went on a long snowmobile ride one morning and that was probably my favorite part. I love how it clears my head and I get to just sit and be grateful. It was a whirlwind trip leaving Sunday morning and coming home Monday but I was thrilled I got to go.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chaperoning Prefrence

Do you see the child in the middle making the funny face? His name is Parker... he's a new student in the class and he's kinda one of my favorites!
This is Chris and Emily... they are darling and I had them first semester.
Pretty ceiling :)
Yep, this is before the sweat :)

So fun! I was even a grown up and told kids to stop making out and to follow the dress code. Don't worry we still busted a move like we were 17. I love everything about teaching, and I mean everything! Dane was the perfect date. He made me look good in front of the kids and they all loved him. We even ran into a student he knows from a volunteer program he's involved with at the hospital. I ran into Ray Stewart and it was fun to see him shakin it! It may have been my first post high school, high school dance but I hope its not the last ;)

Monday, January 18, 2010

3rd Grade Joke

I substitute taught a 3rd grade class on Friday and I overheard this:

How do you kill Lady Gaga?

poke her face.... get it? Poker face?

I laughed!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Exciting News!!!

Today I met with my trainer and was about to tell her that I need to put her on hold until I find a job until.....

She said there is this competition starting right away (later we find out its starts on Friday) where both the trainer and trainee (Me) can win some wicked cool stuff. She picked me as her client to train! Which means she will train me every day and gives me tons of free sessions. I have to go in on Friday and we weighed, measured and pictured in a sports bra and swim bottoms- SCARY! I'm still waiting for all the details but its like a 3 month biggest loser.

My dreams and wishes are coming true! I'm thrilled and scared out of my mind. Talk about law of attraction.

Why does this make me want to eat everything in site before Friday?

P.S. I'm now accepting prayers that I can find a job that will pay me :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Where I am suppost to be right now

Is on the Ranch! I would rock the freakin biggest loser ranch! I'm seriously considering starting to put on weight so I can go on the show ;) Then I would be the Tara that would kill it and go on to being a personal trainer. I would love that! Here's to hoping

Monday, January 11, 2010

Real Estate

I made the leap and re-activated my License. So know anybody who wants to buy or sell a house? I'm going to keep looking for more stable job but hope that I can get this going again. Anybody who sends me a referral in January will get a $50 gift certificate of your choosing when that referral closes on a house :) Much love!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

yesterday's miracles

I went and got the mail and there was a check..... YES! A check for the exact amount it cost me to get my car registered today. Thank you for the reimbursement check for my mortgage escrow account.

Then I had 2 people call me and ask about Real Estate. Maybe I should go back full time.

I think someone's watching out for me :) Or several people