Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sunday nights and good times with Brady

The pics of me and Brady are at Julie's Birthday and at the Brad Paisley concert. The other girl in is my roommate Katie- I love, love, love her! She is so real and down to earth and we love to giggle and talk in bed. Boy in the Pink Jazz jersey is Preston Peterson he is the executive secretary for my ward and we have tons of meetings together. I love that kid! He is so funny and plays basketball with Brady. He came over this last Sunday and he has season tickets to the Jazz games Chelsea put him in the jersey and we got a few pics before he took it off :)

FHE at Brickoven

This is our families favorite! We love the feast for one where you get pasta, pizza and salad! Sam always get the all you can eat buffet and eats until he is literally sick!

Monday, January 28, 2008

new years eve lunch at cheescake factory

Josh loves pics so much.... or its like murder to try and get him to take a picture. I'm posting stuff- happy mom?

Friday, January 25, 2008

Country Concerts

Rodney Atkins
Brad Paisley

It was so Fun!!! Me and Brady went to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen ( thai crunch salad- YUM!!!) Mr. Hot face married with kids Atkins was a fun surprise. Mom - he sign that buckeru song about the little boy who's been watching his dad and thats who he learns to pray, swear ect... fun surprise. Brad is fun and all his guitars have Paisley designs either on the pick guard or on the whole guitar- I was totally coveting the orange paisley one. I promise that some I will put on pics of my car and whatever else I've been up to.