Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oct 12- Cruisin with the Family!

These are photo's of our ship that will be embarking on Oct 12. I'm very excited that I got mom to commit to going... sales has paid off :) It was be a blast! Amazing deals on this cruise.... week of spring break. Here is the link carival cruise if you want to come with us let me know and I'll get my to my travel agent :) 4 days of bliss for about $50 a day- what could be better? Unlimited Ice cream cones, Stake, Pizza, Sunsets, laughs all included :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Grateful for

Oct cruise to look forward to with family :)
Biggest loser- love that show
Working out- endorphins
Skin that is not dry
Sales skills
Warm Body
Balanced Hormones
Happy People
Bright mind that can improve processes
Great co-workers
Friends that love me
Things to celebrate like birthdays and graduations

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Brittany concert

This is sweet innocent Brittany in comparison to lasts nights show. She is crazy... Her PR person is pretty brilliant though to have a circus (freakshow) theme trying to prove that she knows she's crazy? Or that she can still rock it even though she's crazy. Interesting to think about. My favorites of the night were the people who drop from the ceiling on the material they're all wrapped up in. Her dancers were also AMAZING- way better than any dance flick/ break dancing you tube video I've ever seen! It was a last minute surprize for me to go. Kylee's Friend who got the ticket had a family emergency so I got to go last min. O being young and single and able to drop everything and just go does have some perks! They had a lot of circus acts (its not really a concert think Vegas show) that we're amazing for example they had 2 big buff guys holding a plank that a girl does flips and things on and then she magically lands back on her feet on the plank kinda like a balance beam. I'm pretty sure Brittany's feet will fall off at some point- 7" heels all night dancing like that will kill some people. I would be dead. Kylee is always a good time regardless of what we do so it was great! I was fairly mesmerized but I don't know that I would reccomend it especailly to anyone under 21.