Monday, June 22, 2009



What could be better... a evening full of tight wrangler, chaps and cowboy hats. Now that is happiness. Friends and strawberries and cream made it even better. The tradition lives on!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Matt and Kirsten came!!

Matt (featured on the right in the green) and his girlfriend Kirsten came to visit his sister who just moved out here for the air force. Matt might be the nicest, most genuine guy ever! It was so fun to get together with these guys! Conversation was great and made me sad when it was time to go. Love those Ohio friends!! Kirsten was fantastic too. I felt like we were old friend and hope that soon it will be my turn to visit them!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Air Show

That's right I'm flying a plane :) ok.... maybe I'm just sitting in it!
waiting in line to see the plane
this is the back hatch of a hugely ginormous plane!!
way cool formations... they fly so close together!

Fighter plane

Travis and I went to the Air show on Saturday. He is my air national guard friend and he is a plane mechanic so he knew all about the planes... it was like I had my own tour guide around everything. I got to see everything I could have ever wanted to see about planes- very cool! Although the planes we're cool to see I especially loved the air show part. They do crazy things in those planes... especially when they pass each other and turn at the last second to avoid collision. It gave me a new perspective on the military. It opened my eyes to how much those brave and amazing men and women do. So grateful to have so many good people serving in the military and gaining the crucial skills to keep us safe. I'm so grateful for all the freedoms we have- what an incedable country to be apart of!

One last side note... men in uniform not sad, not sad at all! :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Riding with Dave

I love hanging with Dave. He is always so full of Adventure and great conversation. I could talk to him for hours! We road up to Vivian and then hoped on the train tracks and rode to the "jump in the river spot." The river is so high right now... it's flooding over onto the trail in a bunch of spots. Love riding with friends!! Here's a video of the first attempt

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hot Tubbin

It's True this pretty thing is sitting on the back patio. We're loving it although I love it alot more when we can turn the temperature down a dew degrees! It's currently at a scalding 104- mom likes it that way. If we really love you (and we probably do if your reading this) come over and get in!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Park City Trip

Aren't we just fun! Saturday afternoon we went shooting... yes like real guns! After we decided we needed to get out of utah county and we got a hotel room for the next day in park city. It was memorial day weekend so we could :) We roamed main, ate killer amazing food, played poaker, cuddled, giggled, swam, hot tubbed, watched a movie and hit the outlets.

Spring Rides

Emily came with mom and I one morning on the usual ride up the canyon. Man I love that woman! It was great to catch up with her. Dad and I rode to the lake - it was a gorgeous morning... wish my camera would've captured it. Starting to kick up training. Ran about 7 miles on Saturday went about 9 total. Sept 19th here I come!!! (Top of Utah Marathon... its in Logan) anyone who wants is invited to join or come hold signs and cheer us on :)